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Love; it's about forgiving and letting go of the strongest grudges, just to be with the one you love <3

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stillwaitingforyou 1 decade ago
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hey my names emma:) im an author here on witty! i just finished writing my story Cant Control Love and i just posted the introduction to my brand new story Bad Girl Gone Good and was wondering if you would try reading my new story:) if you want something new to read please go to my profile and check it out! if you think youre going to like it, please fav the introduction and even leave a quick comment with feedback(if you comment on the chapter i will inform you when ch1 comes out)! thanks SO much:) i hope you decide to check it out and follow the story!
lilcastle15 1 decade ago
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lol thankyouu.(: & ikrr ! .
ximxalwaysxhere4youx 1 decade ago
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To your comment on my quote, it's from a website, MMT. It may be true, but not for me (thank God.)