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I'm Maria(:
I love listening to music,kissing;*&&hugging<333
I'm always in the mood to talk! So hit me up(;
I'm crazy<3 Love to party hard!(;&& boy crazzzyy;*
I absulutely love going shopping! Haha it should be a sport ;p

Nicki Minaj,Snooki,Eminem&&Demi Lovato 4eva love em<3;*
I love Nicki Minaj,Eminem,Drake<333,Lil Wayne,Beyonce,Bruno Mars,Demi Lovato&&etc;*
Ohhh btw(;..Im the girrll on the right&&the other chickk is my sexaay bestfriend Juliaa<333

I have the most amazing friends<333
*Julia AKA my JuJuBear<333&maah wifeeyy(juliap1010)
*Gina AKA my CluelessChickie(GinaBear)
*Elle<333maah babe&wifeyy!(ellelovesyouXOXO)
Riley maah otha Hubbyy(ImThatGinjaNinjaJesus)
 Maah Booo AnnMarieee;*(Ann_Marie)
Paul maah Hubbyy<333(BIGDADDYPAUL11)
ha you should check em out(:
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Quotes by omgitsmaria

I never thought I'd say this, but..
I'm inlove with someone who loves me back.♥


We were never together..
But you found a way to break my heart.

I used to really like you, until you met her &showed off who you really are...</3
I'm that friend who is always left out...
&it kind of hurts..


Sorry s l u t s,

but L.O.V.E does not stand for Legs. Open. Very. Easy.


Just So You Know...
this feelings taking control of me &I can't help it.

Those secrets you can never tell anyone because you know things will never be the same afterwards.


Forget what hurt you, but never forget what taught you.