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Quotes by onedirection143

Today this kid in my class was wearing CROCS
(Not a good look!)
I saw this on Twitter:

"My Night in Shining armor is Liam Payne.
But he's not going to come in riding on a noble white steed.
He's Coming on a Turtle
That's why it's taking him so long."


I want,
I want,
I want,

to be





Talk to Me,
Why won't you talk to me?
Can't you see?
I'm burning up when you look like that
And I'm looking right back
Why won't you talk to me,
Walk with me, baby

- Carly Rae Jepsen
Talk to me

I hate when you have one new notification
and you get all excited
and then you realize
that you just favorited your own quote
Funny text conversation with my best friend:
me: are you "wide awake, wide awake, wide awake?"
Friend: No, "DJ got me fallin' asleep again"
me: was ur dream a "love story?"
Friend: actually no. *starts on a rant about her true crazy dream*

I always yell at the characters in movies, even though i know they can't hear me

Louis: Never admit defeat!
*two seconds later*
Louis: Liam, you win.


You know you're a true directioner if you automatically grab a fork instead of a spoon

Louis: "Stop the traffic and let 'em through"

"You let 'em through Lou!"

-One Direction