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Hey Beautiful, my name is Layla. I love One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Ed Sheeran, and many more inspiring artists.I don't have a favorite in One Direction because they're all my boys.I'm a 90s kid and proud!I LOVE all the Disney movies! I live by Hakuna Matata not YOLO.I'm from Europe and i love it there. Enjoy life as it is and have fun! Follow for a follow! GoodBye Beautiful!

Quotes by onedirection94Harry

                             * Me watching One Direction pepsi commercial*
                               Drew Brees: Harry who?
                                Me: HARRY FRICKEN STYLES! duh....
I remember how it used to be
Out there chasing cars and broken dreams
I told myself don’t look back
This is your life
Someday I’m gonna fall in love for the first time
            One Direction:       LETS goo crazy crazy till we see the sun
I know we only met but lets pretend it's love.

                        Me: Okay Harry, Lets pretend its love!!!
  *Sending a long text*
 *Waiting for a reply*

    He: K.
   So when he gets hit by a bus
   Ima be like "K."
          Tonight lets get some and live while were young
Man i always feel like crying when Mufasa dies and I'm watching Lion King now
 I wish i could rule a country like Genovia
                        In Social Studies:
Mr.Calvert: Okay, girls who LOVES One Direction!
*EVERY GIRL AND ME raise their hands*
Mr.Calvert: What song is your guys fav song?
*Girls decide*: Everything About You!!
Mr.Calvert: Gavin, you seem like an honest man what do u think of 1D?
Gavin: They are like Justin Bieber
Me: Gavin, NO!!!! THEY ARE NOT!!!!!!!
Gavin: Yeah, whatever lay(my nickname). Since we've known each other since 1st grade YOU haven't been that  crazy of a boyband!
Me: Just ShuT YOU 6'4 IDIOT
Ok Wittians I'm getting another pair of TOMS which color should i get?
 I've been waiting ALL DAAY for U to CALL ME BAABY  so lets get up lets get on it
Dont u leave me broken hearted TONIGHT!