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Nobody cares anymore

format: sandrasaurus

Friend: Remember when you used to like (insert name here) 
Me: Oh yeah! HAHAHAHAHAH.. SHUT UP....
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Roses are red
Violets are blue
 I have a gun
Get in the van
I'm not desperate
I just want someone that i can call mine
Someone that i  can hug and never let go
Someone who I can kiss in the rain
Someone who can sing to me just to make me laugh
Someone who I can wrestle with and let me win
Someone who I can watch movies with
Someone who lets me wear his hoodie when I'm cold
Someone who is proud to call me his gifrliend 
Someone who holds my hand at random moments
Someone who would rather text me than play on xbox
Someone that calls me beautiful not sexy
Someone that I feel safe with
Someone that listens
Someone to love
I just want...

It looks good on you

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I just figured out he has a new girlfriend.
I feel stupid. 
I might as well just give up. 

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