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Quotes by oreolovesyouXxX

I try to tell myself
That I dont' miss you 
But thats obviously
A lie

Remember me?
I used to mean everything to you.

Favorite this quote
And I'll write a guys name that sounds good with yours
Unlike these other quotes I'll actually do it
No matter how many people favorited this
Or how long it takes me (: 
tSo don't worry your pretty little mind
People throw rocks at things that shine
 -Taylor Swift
I just love it when people steal my quotes
I got 5 favorites
They got 500
F*ck my life.

Most people on Witty will wish for love on
11/11/11 at 11:11
F*ck love. 
I want a
unicorn that farts

Whenever I'm in the car
And a sad song
Comes on the radio
I stare out the window
Acting like I'm in a movie

*Mailman gives Josh a package*
Josh: Thanks, Have a nice day
Mailman: Don't tell me what to do

I'm not a perfect girl
My hair doesn't always
stay in place
I'm pretty
Sometimes I have a broken heart
My friends and I sometimes
And maybe somedays nothing goes right
But when I think about it
And take a step
I remember how truly amazing life really is
Just maybe I like being
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