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oreolovesyouXxX's Favorite Quotes

If you fall in love with two people choose
the second one because if you were really
in love with the first you would never
have looked at the second
-Johnny Depp♥


Similing doesn't always mean you're happy.
Sometimes, those people who look so happy are the people who feel so empty. 



I think i'm afraid to be happy because whenever i get too happy, something bad always happens.

                               -Charlie Brown


*Me on a diet*
Me: Okay Im gonna eat a salad.
Me:  mmm this is so good.
Me:  no its not.
Me:  Is that a cake?
Me:  NO! think about your thinghs...
Me:  Okay ill have a glass of water.
Me:  And a handful of peanuts.
Me:  One more.
Me:  Okay this is the last one.
Me: ...this isnt working.


those days
when you just want to break down and cry because your just sick of everyone 

My dad is suffering from cancer.
So damn straight if you post a status saying.
"My parents took my phone. I hate them."
I'm going to comment.
Then I'm going to post a status.
How can you sit there and hate your parents.
When I'm sitting here wondering if one of my parents will be alive tomorrow?


Keep this in mind

One day,there's going to be a guy
Who's going to love you , your body, your smile
They way you walk , the way you talk , the way you laugh.
He's going to love you and you are going to feel confident
and on top of the world
One day , you won't feel insecure.
Your day is coming,
I promise.

Do you ever get the feeling that you are unwanted,
even when you're amongst all your friends and family?


She runs into her room, slams the door, and cries like she never has before. She shuts the world out; her only friends are Ben&Jerry and her iPod. She sits there all night thinking of how it went wrong, why she let him go. She thinks to herself, "He'll never want me back."

He screams, throws his phone and it shatters against the wall. He falls down and silently weeps, thinking of everything he did wrong. He rolls the joint, chugs the bottle, and tries to forget her beautiful face. He tries to sleep, but can't. He thinks, "She'll never take me back."