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Quotes by paramoreforever

the future scares me
Format chickittylover

There's somethin g so reassuring about the beat of his  heart

But I will fight until the day the  world stops turning
And if they fall to ashes I will just keep burning
Save your heart for someone who leaves you breathless
And I know that you're scared
Seems like someone said you had it in you 
All along you said you knew this was wrong 
but still worth dying for

I still have dreams of you at night
I can't tell the dark from light
I never thought I'd be
the one you'd leave behind


I like the summer rain

I like the sounds you make

wE put the world away

we get so disconnected

you are my getaway

 you are my favorite place

we put the world away

 yeah we're so disconnected

I'm moving on 
cause I just want to feel
for once
that I belong


Music is what you hear and not what you see

So thank you for showing me,
That best friends can not be trusted,
And thank you for lying to me,
Your friendship and good times we had you can have them back

Sometimes I think I’m okay and then I’m not. It’s a vicious cycle of temporal relief and deep-rooted woe and I’m so tired of not feeling something that actually lasts long enough for me to miss it when it finally goes away. Nothing ever lingers and no one ever stays. I just need something that would last the year. But look, my heart is still beating.
—  I’m Not as Weak as You Think I Am; Alahna Sy