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im leaving this website for good now. i love everyone who was there with me every step of the way. thank you a million times. if you want to contact me links are below
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Quotes by rebecca*

did you know the ocean is actually just a collection of every tear i've ever cried over bands
I get that 90% of the quotes on this website aren't original and that's not really going to change.
But really, if you steal someone's text post from tumblr and try to pass it off as something that actually happened to you, stop. Go away. Don't do that. Most people saw it on tumblr first and they know it's not yours so don't go tagging it with things to convince people it's yours like "truestory" or "iwishiwasjoking" 
For most people who post original quotes it's annoying that people who steal 100% of what they post get the most attention, but that's not the part that bugs me personally, the part that bugs me are the people who do that and then try to come of as some original, creative, witty person when you're just a con. If you give credit, even if it's just in the tags, to where you originally got the quote from I don't mind at all that it's not yours. But trying to make yourself seem better than you are is really pathetic. Try to come up with something of your own, even if it's just one single quote.

**reposting because i accidentally marked the first to be deleted oops
Dream of demons while you sleep, that make you stutter when you speak.

I've got the scars from tomorrow & I wish you could see that you're 
the antidote to everything
except for me.

take the pain out of love
& then love won't exist.

& I get the point
                       I         should leave         you alone 
 but we both know I'm not  that strong.

But what if here and now,

I tell you that I'm all figured out.

Or maybe I just like how that sounds...

if i could trade   mistakes for sheep,
count me away before you sleep

I wrote this down
so if I don't love you tomorrow
I'll know I loved you now.   [♥]

Cinderella said to Snow White,
"How does love get so off course?
All I wanted was a white knight
with a good heart, soft touch, fast horse."

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