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I'm leaving Witty guys. I just don't go on anymore and I have/had friends on here that just aren't friends anymore. I'm just sick of social media. Anywho, I'm leaving. No one will probably miss yeah. Maybe I'll make a new one in the future. For now though, I'm done. Hope everyone has a good life. Bye
I'm ugly
Anyone who faves this disagrees.(which won't be a lot)
Repost if you have ever been called ugly.
This is how my past April has gone. (Btw I know the month isn't finished yet I'm just gonna post this anyway)

The day before Spring Break let out I got introuble at school for making a fake twitter account using my teacher's name. That day I was so scared that I kept on quietly telling myself that I should just go die. Appearently my best friend heard me saying this. Fast forward to the first day back from Spring Break. On April 8 and 9 I was at home serving my suspension. On April 10 I went into school for an in-school suspension and I had to write an apology to my teacher. That same day my counselor told my mom and me that my BFF told the school I was depressed and suicidal. She sent us to a Outpatient Care Facility that helps teens and kids deal with school problems, depression, suicidal attempts and thoughts, self-harm, drug and alcohol problems, etc. There I met a man named Doug, who runs the facility and he helped me to quickly get enrolled into the program. Each day they serve us breakfast and lunch, give us 2 and 1/2 hours a day to do school work, and help us deal with our problems. I have been at my Care Center for 2 weeks now. Everyone there is very nice and helpful with my depression and suicidal thoughts. Through this experience I have lost friends and gain stronger relationships with some.

I thought I would bring this story to Witty. Look up facilities like this in your area. I know there are many people on here who struggle with these things and I hope that this little story can help you. I wish you all the best of luck.

I also just want to thank Cameron (Cammie on witty) for sticking with me through all this. Thank you <3

PS Sorry if I bore all of you.
The first 10 years of a girl's

life is spent playing with

Barbies...The next 10 years

are spent trying to look like

*logs in*

Me: *reads quotes mostly about love and relationships* And all I have is a sandwich...

*logs out*
You know when you take off the lid for your cup to refill it and it never stays on the cup the same way again...
Facebook is just like jail. You sit

around and waste time, you write on

walls, and you get poked by people

you don't know.
I tried to explain to my mom on why when you text you shouldn't 'K' someone and she just sat there staring at me until she said, "K."
When I try to explain

to my parents on why

Facebook isn't cool

anymore and they look

at me like I'm speaking

another language.