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To Be Beautiful

I'm 15 years old, 5 ft 3/4, and struggling when I look at the scale and see 103. Everyday is a new battle, the battle to beautiful. The battle to catch someones eye. The battle to be better than everyone else. Everyday is a struggle, a struggle to look in the mirror and say "You're beautiful." Everyday is a new challenge, a challenge to push harder, to run an extra 5... 10... 15 minutes. Everyday is a test, a test to live up to society's expectations, to have the perfect figure, to have the perfect look. I'm 15 years old, brown hair, brown eyes, and freckles on my face. Everyday Is a chance, a chance to find another flaw, to eat one less calorie. Everyday is a need to change, A need to be skinnier, a need to look flawless. I'm 15 years old, 5 ft 3/4, brown hair, brown eyes, freckles on my face, and struggling to see myself as beautiful.
Somgirlhave big boobs
Some girls have big butts.
Some  girls  have  everything

And some girls have nothing at all.
But  with that said,
every girl is beautiful in their own way. 


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 This is for Steve. We all love witty, it's like a second home to us. But recently there has been a bit to much swearing. Steve has three days to clean up all of the swearing or witty will get kicked off of googles advertisment program, and witty will be deleted. So for Steve, if you see a quote with a swear word, please report it. Let's all work together to keep witty going.
         We   are   told   to   think   outside   the   box
But yet we're not allowed to color out of the lines.
If you chose to step out of life,

you're missing nothing

But great opportunities.


Tear   here,  tear   there. Go  ahead  cry  evrywhere.
 I' m just a boy, nothings new. You should have known, 
 I don't love you.


I always taught myself
not to get my hopes up.

But with you it's kinda hard not to dream.

If he cheats on the test

he'll cheat on you.

Because you're the A+
he doesn't deserve.


I'm Tired
 I'm tired of perfection. I'm tired of always wanting to fit in. I'm tired of getting up in the morning to do my hair. I'm tired of putting on makeup. I'm tired of wearing skin tight dresses. I'm tired of starving myself to keep my figure. I'm tired of living up to everyones expectaions. I'm tired of putting on a fake smile so everyone believes im happy. I'm tired of becoming the person I said I would never be.

I'm tired of being fake.