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THIS IS ME. My life is described in pictures, quotes, and song lyrics. I love you all. Don't ever let anyone make you feel like you arent. There are a lot of people that don't like me. I don't care. I love them anyway, and I just want them to be happy, even if it means that they never even talk to me again. I'm kinda insecure, but, I have some amazing friends that help me through it. I will be there for anyone that needs to talk. I'm scared of elevators, being abandoned, fires, drowning (lol im a swimmer) and so yeah. I'm a cheerleader, don't judge me. My bf is my love <3 And my life...and yeah I love him, hope I don't get crushed...You are all gorgeous!!! thanks wittians!!!!!!

pinkmrfuzz's Favorite Quotes

Person: you're really pretty
Me: are you making fun of me

sometimes i look at you and wonder...
why has no one hit you with a brick yet?



emergencsadness kit
 a c c o r d i n g   t o   m y   c o u s i n :

1) Tissues
2) Favorite Books

3) Movie
4) Candy
5) Pillow
6) Teddy Bear
7) Ice Cream Supplies
8) Music



How many times
do you have to meet the wrong girl for you
to be able to realize that I am always by your side?


i'm never going to forgive jamie lynn spears for
getting pregnant at sixteen and ruining zoey 101.


A moment of silence for all the girls who
have their period on their wedding day


     everyone else: i'm getting an ipad and a laptop and  
     $300 worth of clothes and...

Pants without pockets: why

Pants with fake pockets: okay now you're just being rude