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Pole Vault is my life! I love it! I'm all for the big man up top(: JoePa

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Here we go again...
 Please, please put my friend in your prayers for a while.  She suffers from depression and lately it has gotten very bad and she is not doing very well.  She is an amazing girl, and I love her so much! Pray for her please!
That amazing totally awesome feeling of your first slow dance!!
What does it mean when a really good guy friend calls you cute?
I love the way you love the way you love me.
I really wish I would have a homecoming date this year.
Hi everybody!! I have 2 things I could use some help with please!

1- I've never really worn make-up before but I'm going to learn before school. Do you all think I should wear it to school?

2- What are some cute ideas to do with your hair? I only know a couple and most deal with sraightening it.


Here's to all the soldiers...


I love that feeling when you suddenly know everythig is going to be alright! 👍💙
I want to make a summer bucket list! I need some ideas! My summer is boring! Please comment to help me make a summer bucket list!! I want to do something fun this summer! Thanks!