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I litterally don't know how to make quotes look awesome with the flashing and what not but today i desided thats not going to stop me from  posting any longer.i want to tell my story but in due time
I'm starting this for ME and if i happen to help soeone (which would be an amazing accomplishment) then thats INCCREDIBLE. But dont critisize me for what i say. This is just my way of preserving whats let of my sanity.

Now that that is out of the way...
Hi, I'm Debbie I'm 14 years of age and I've been throught alot of stuff that people wouldn't have ever imagined. I live in the ever changing state of Ohio
I'm generally a private person when it comes to my emotions and how i feel because I'm the person who is seen as happy all of the time. But i will  

Had to stop because my brother wanst to get on the computer. So if it doesn't make sense ...... then your sane
for now

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