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I'm Amber
and thank you, for coming on my profile

I live in a small town in Texas
I'm 15 years old 
I have blonde hair and blue eyes
I'm 5'4 tall 
I like things to be colorful

I love to read everyones quotes
on witty! I think all of your quotes are
awesome. so I favor quotes ALOT!!!

I hope you have a great day! 
Never give up hope, and always smile 



follow me and I will follow back!   -potato300

I don't think anyone will read all of this but if you do, well thank you..
It means alot that you take the time to learn something about me.........

I love the color blue





No Trespassing

       will be
  will be shot




Quotes by potato300

I said goodbye to him

I didn't want to , but I
had to
I love him

too much?
I have those moments where

I just wish I had kelp my mouth shut

Now here I am, wishing I could take something
I said back, and right now I really
hate myself.
Someone once told me

that I look disgusting

and I believe that person

because  I know I do   
thats life  
I wish I could....

fall asleep as fast as my cat.....
I waste so much time lay there trying to sleep
It scares me
when adults
try to act like kids
    My evil sister fell out of a tree today and I saw the whole thing....

   life lived

Its okay, she was hurt that bad.
his name is Cory
   and he's my whole world...... 
                            well..........he use to be.
                                     now i dont know what happen            
 I miss him so much......

 but does he miss me?
That really awkward moment

when you start talking to someone
and you accidently spilt on
  there face