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To start off, if you're willing to follow me, that'd be greatly appreciatted,  (: if not, that's okay too! feel free to browse through my quotes. My name is Glish. I really like RnB music, and nutella! I feel insecure sometimes, and sometimes I can be a drama queen. But I'm happy to say that I've found people who accept me for me. I've been bullied before, and have been heartbroken and all of these problems. If you need anyone to talk to, I'm here for you! I've been on witty since 2012, and honestly its one of those websites I never get tired of. I love it here. I love the people here. Having friends on witty is honestly one of the best things I could ask for(: I love looking at things like the sunset, or the beach. I love being around nature. I can say that I'm a very sweet, caring person. I won't ever leave you if you need me. 
things i happen to like;
starry nights
wavy hair
floral prints
pastel colours
dresses that flare out at the bottom
that moment when you find a really flattering peice of clothing and it's on sale (':
alicia keys
bruno mars
destiny's child
kinda old songs(:
caramel apples
chocolate covered strawberries
any food actually
frozen yogurt
math class, believe it or not
STATUS: kinda heartbroken and feeling a bit alone

Quotes by omgitsglish*

"hey, you should sell hot dogs. cause you sure know how to make a weiner stand" ;) 

so my conclusion is that boys are horrible species and all they will ever do is hurt you, i'm probably never going to waste my time on one again goodbye im going to go curl up into a ball

will i still have to wait for you?
i'm not even sure if there's still
anything to wait for..
today my crush asked me, 
why I had told him that I thought guys had no feelings during math class.
I told him; "it's because every guy i've ever met has hurt me."


        AT NIGHT I PRAY   

            thasoon your face       

         w i l l   f a d e  W      |||||||||||||||||| x

        i now know that you definitely
                      w e r e n ' t  t h e  s a m e  g u y                 [x[x[x]
               {iconfuses me so much.

          I'LJUST WAIT
                          for you, ever so silently,   [U N T I L  Y O U  R E A L I Z E ]
                                    x|||||||||||||                                                     that i was the one »  
       MEANT  FOR  YOU.


Why have you lost complete interest in me? 
I understand that you're changing, but atleast
be aware that you're hurting me. What happened
to the effort you used to give? You used to be like
a protective big brother. Is it because I have a crush
on you? I don't understand. I don't understand anything.
I'm so confused with how I feel. I'm trying my hardest,
but how can I love someone who won't even let me be their 
friend anymore? You're breaking me. I'm sorry.
, because i want you to be mine.
i know you cant though,
because you love another


I don't care what people
say when we're together, you know I wanna be the one
to hold you in your