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Quotes by promisethestars

i cant do this anymore.
my user name is mine & my ex's song.
i need a new acount.
i'll comment on this one & tell you my new name.
i just want to grab the blade and drag it along my arm.
i dont know what to do anymore.

watch it. sooo worth it. i cry everytime <3 :)
There once were two little zebras who wanted to know if they were white with black stripes, or black with white stripes.
One little zebra suggested to pray to God. The two little zebras went to the wise God and asked,
Are we black with white stripes, or white with black stripes?" God said, "You are who you are."
The one little zebra said "OK" and ran away. Then the other little zebra followed him.
The one little zebra said to the other... " He didn't answer us, so what are we?"
The one little zebra said " We are white with black stripes." The other zebra said
"how do you know that?." Then the little zebra said, " Well if we were black with white stripes he would have said

"Yo is who yo is."
"been there. done that. got the tshirt."
no seriously. i did. <3

don't tell me you miss me & get mad i never talk to you.
the phone works both ways!

"the mirror can't say if you'e beautiful or not.
it's whats on the inside that

Dear John,

I see it all now that you're gone


Don't you think I was too young to be messed with?

The girl in the dress,

Cried the whole, way, home.

-Taylor Swift



when my best friend randomly leaves her room for 15 minutes,
and comes back with my favorite ice cream and all my favorite fixings
because her mom knows i like them so she bought them when she was at the store