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Hi Witty, I'm Heyden
I'm 18 and a Freshman at Barton Community College
Feel free to comment, I love talking to people

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Quotes by purdygirl

I feel so old on Witty because I'm 18 and in college lol

I’ll sneak out my window
and run to your car
I don’t know where we’ll go
but I know that it’s far

With the windows rolled down
and nowhere to be
We’ll leave this little town
just you and me

Your hand’s on my thigh
and one’s on the wheel
My shorts are riding high
which you find ideal

You’re my lucky number
sixteen’s so sweet
When we need to slumber
we head to your street

We’ll sneak in your window
and run from your car
I know where we’ll go
and I know it’s not far

I sleep in your clothes
with you right there
I feel warmth from your nose
nestled in my hair

We dream of our lives
and cuddle closer
And just for tonight
We’ll say we’re not over

But the morning awaits
and I have to go
We get our story straight
then you’ll take me from home

We’ll sneak out your window
and run to your car
I know where we’ll go
and I know that it’s far


Wow like I forgot about this site and logged back in
and just like what
who are these people did a nuclear war happen r u okay
who are the top quoters 
is yourcool even still existent am i prehistoric
send help and food

What do you mean there's only a week of September left.
Next time you feel lame
just remember
I just snuck out of my room
to dump out a bowl of ramen
in the woods to avoid
being yelled at by my parents
for wasting food.
I don't even what is this site anymore.
All I literally see are people taking stuff from tumblr
acting like they're some great social blogger
who's so insightful and worldly, like no stahp.
Also, people who are posting things
just for the sake of stirring the pot
again, like no stahp.
And lastly, swear to Pringles,
if you are fishing for compliments,
I probably want to poop on you.
Okay rant over, peace out girl scout.
Okay but my local radio station
is playing Christmas music
for Christmas in July 
and that makes me strangely happy.
My parents bought school supplies today which angers me for literally 3 reasons
1- It's July motherf//ucker.
2- I want to be the one to pick my sh//it because you're going to pick sh//it I will hate.
3- We haven't even gotten our school supllies lists yet wtf.
Everyone's complaining about how the top quotes now
get like 100 faves and I'm sitting here like
"Yes, yes, two faves, my time has come."
*insert recycled tumblr quote*