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Girlfriend's BesFriend
CHAPTER 50    x      .
       “I know you’re probably not going to want anything to do with me after this, and if you never talk to me again I would completely understand. I just need you to know this, Kelli: I love you. More than I’ve ever loved any girl and—”
       “HAHAHA!” she burst out laughing. “You’re so full of sh.i.t, Cody. If you ‘loved me more than you’ve loved any girl,’ you wouldn’t have gotten with Brooke.”
       “You don’t get it, Kelli!”
       “No, I completely get it. ‘Don’t worry about Brooke, don’t worry if guys love her. I love you so that’s all that matters, Kel.’ Yeah, okay. That was just your way of getting me not to suspect anything. Every guy loves Brooke, it’ll always be that way. And you’re just like every guy, so—”
       “I don’t love Brooke!” I yelled at her. “Okay, Kelli, I DO NOT LOVE HER! I’m not going to lie to you and say that she meant nothing to me, because at one point she did. But never more than you. There’s a lot of differences between you and Brooke, I’ve tried to explain that to you for a while. And I think the biggest difference is that she can capture guys’ attention, but not their love. You can do both. You’ve had my love for a while now and it really f.ucking sucks that I f.ucked it all up because I wanted to get with Brooke because honestly, I felt bad for her. Okay, I know I sound like a d.ouche saying it, but I felt bad for her. She has a hard life, and there’s stuff she hasn’t even told you. She needed someone, the way you needed someone at one point, the way that I needed someone at one point. I tried to be that person because you stopped being there for her once you got me. But Brooke is too broken for me! I can’t help her, and I’m not going to try anymore. She’s toxic, breaking everything and everyone around her too so everything matches with her. I’m not sure if I’ve lost you completely, but just know I’m completely done with Brooke, and I’m going to go on acting as if nothing ever happened between me and her. The only good thing Brooke has ever done for me was make me realize how much I actually love you, and how sorry I am, and how much I need you still. Kelli, please, I’m sorry.”
       She stood there for a moment, and I couldn’t tell what she was going to do. I couldn’t take these unreadable expressions anymore—I needed some answers. She got into the car after a moment and just started crying. Seeing her cry made me cry, no matter how bad I didn’t want to show it.
       “I still want to be with you, Cody,” she said. “But you have to promise me something: you can never hurt me as bad as you just hurt me today.”
       “I wouldn’t, Kel. All I want to do is make you happy. I’m sorry about everything with Brooke, Honestly, she was always a good friend to me so I do care a lot about her. I just didn’t want her to feel as worthless as I once felt—”
       “Stop talking about Brooke,” she cut me off. “Don’t talk to her either. You’re not allowed to have any connections to Brooke, and if I find out you are, I won’t even hesitate to tell everyone how she got her scar. I know you care about her still, and I know that would ruin her life. Am I right?” I swallowed nervously and nodded, realizing how serious she was. “And if I find out you hook up with her, we’re completely done, forever, with no chance of getting back together. This is your last chance, so make it a good one.”
       “Okay,” I agreed. She kissed me, and for a second, it was like everything was back to normal.
       The first day of school rolled around, and I picked Kelli up at exactly 7:20, just like she told me. Kelli acted as though nothing ever happened with Brooke, so that’s how I acted too. Many people in our school already figured out what happened—I don’t know how, but I got a bunch of texts asking if it was true, as did Kelli, and as I’m sure Brooke did too.
       I carried Kelli’s books and held her hand as we walked into the school together and to her locker, which was right next to one that had huge Sharpie letters spelling SL.UT on it, which Kelli told me was Brooke’s. I told her I had to go to my locker but to meet me there.
       When I got closer to my friends, I could see a girl standing in front of them. As I got closer, I could see her long, brown, curly hair and her perfect profile as she turned to the side: Brooke. My friends nodded their heads at me and it was too late to turn around, they’d already seen me. I nodded my head back, and no matter how much it hurt me, kept walking to ignore Brooke completely.
       Like nothing. Ever. Happened.

The End.

Girlfriend's BesFriend
CHAPTER 48    x      .
            I couldn’t even say anything—I didn’t know how to explain myself, or how I’d get out of this—I couldn’t get out of this. I was wrong, I completely f.ucked up, and I knew it. All of the sh.i.t I was about to get was completely deserved, and it was entirely my fault. I just never prepared myself in the hopes that this moment would never actually happen.
            “Oh my God, Kel!” Brooke immediately started crying too. Whether it was because she truly felt bad or because she knew she caught, I would never know. But now everything was gone.
            Kelli ran out and Brooke followed after her. That was the first problem—I should have been the one going after Kelli. Not Brooke.
            I sat there, debating on whether or not I should go out there, but I had no clue what to even do—this was it. This was the moment that was bound to happen ever since I started things with Brooke. My decision making was interrupted by the sound of Brooke and Kelli screaming at each other outside on Carter’s porch.
            “You thought you were so much better than me because you had a boyfriend—well now we’re the same!” Brooke tried to convince her.
            “What?? We’re supposed to be best friends and I know that means we do a lot of the same things but that does not include getting with the same guy! Brooke, that actually makes sense to you? Of course it does, you’re f.ucking crazy! That’s why you cut your own f.ucking face!” Kelli yelled at her. That’s when all the other guys looked at each other, sadness all over their faces from finding out the secret behind Brooke’s scar.
            “Did you know that that’s how she got it?” Carter asked me. I nodded slowly. “How long were you getting with Brooke for? I just can’t even believe you cheated on Kelli, I thought—”
            “Shut up, Carter! Stop being an a.sshole! Okay, I know it’s wrong and I shouldn’t have done it!” I yelled at him.
            “So then why did you??” he yelled back.
            “Because look at her! How the f.uck was I supposed to say no to Brooke? She’s perfect, I’d be crazy not to get with her when I had the chance! That chance just so happened to come after I started dating Kelli. Of course I love Kelli, it was just an impulse decision when I hooked up with Brooke for the first time but once that happened, I couldn’t stop! I’ve learned my f.ucking lesson, you don’t have to try to point it out to me, Carter. I really f.ucked up but you know what, now I know how to appreciate what I have and how to actually love a girl, because now I’ve ended up with no one.”
            “That’s exactly what you said about Jade and Lacey, yet look at the situation you’re in again,” Carter spat. My friends gasped, said ‘oh, sh.i.t,’ turned the other way, and had every possible reaction to the fact that Carter brought up Jade and Lacey. I stood there, with nothing else to say. That’s exactly what happened with Jade and Lacey, except they weren’t best friends—they were enemies. And I didn’t know which combination was worse.
            I couldn’t believe he brought that up—that was probably the worst year of my life, with my family, my drug and alcohol addiction, and a bunch of other sh.i.t piling up on top of it. Jade and Lacey were the last people I wanted to hear about. I continued standing there, staring at him until tears started covering my eyes.
            “Bro, I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have said that,” Carter quickly realized his mistake.
            “Do you think I wanted to put two people through that again? Do you think I wanted to put myself through that again? Brooke’s going through a lot of sh.i.t that you guys would never even expect. She needs someone to take care of her, and I became that person. It wasn’t like what happened with Jade and Lacey, I swear! I wasn’t just playing both of them—I seriously liked both Kelli and Brooke. But knowing what I put Jade through by cheating on her, I still feel awful. And I didn’t even like her. I think I love Kelli. Which makes this ten times worse. I don’t know what to do guys.” I sat down and put my head in my hands so they couldn’t see the few tears I actually allowed to pass.
            Carter sat down next to me and rubbed my back, trying to console me, Brooke and Kelli’s screaming and fighting making fabulous background noise. “I know you care about both girls, so do all of us. They’re great people but you know which girl you have to go after, right?”
            “Of course I do,” I said. “I just hope Kelli forgives me.”
Note: 2 chapters left 
Seeing a hot stranger in public is a blessing
Seeing the same hot stranger in public again is a sign
Girlfriend's BesFriend
CHAPTER 46    x      .
            Of course Brooke meant a lot to me. I could always go to her, I always laughed and had a good time when I was with her, I could be myself around her—I just really liked her. But how do you tell someone who you know loves you that you don’t love them back, even though you act as though you do? Taking risks, lying to everyone who loves you, doing everything you can not to get caught—but you don’t love them. Maybe you love the idea of them, or the way they make you feel, but not them themselves.
            You can’t.
            “Look, I understand completely where you’re coming from. I’d only known that girl Ava for a few hours before I hooked up with her. I didn’t think I loved her but I was definitely questioning if I liked her. There was something about her that actually reminded me of you Brooke, the way that she could get any guy’s attention and how attractive not only she was, but her personality too that made you want to get to know her. Once she was gone, we texted a little but then I realized how much I really loved my girlfriend. Maybe when you and Brooke stop, you’ll realize how much you love Kelli, Code,” Graham said.
            I could just tell how upset Brooke was getting from Graham being on Kelli’s side, even though he had every right to be. Brooke felt like everyone was against her—she was going to feel like she wasn’t worth anything to anyone, like she didn’t matter. I couldn’t have that happen.
            “That’s the thing though. I don’t want to stop with Brooke. I want to stop with Kel. I want to break up with her but I can’t because then I’ll never see Brooke. But if I stay with her then I’m just being a d.ick and leading her on. I’m screwed either way,” I just made everything ten times worse.
            “I’m really sorry, man,” Graham said, having nothing else to say. Brooke turned over and layed down so her back was facing us. I just did the same, and I guess Graham did too.
            Carter’s mom brought down food for all of us, accidentally waking up me, Duke, and Jace. We started fighting over who got the first bagel, even though there would be a bunch for all of us. We woke up Graham, who then woke up Kelli next. She came over and gave me a good morning kiss, which made Graham give me a look like I should be ashamed of myself.
            Brooke was the next to wake up, who asked how everyone had slept, to which Kelli had replied, “Perfectly.” Jace complained that he heard birds chirping really early, and Duke and Mattie started arguing with him about what time birds chirp.
            “Oh my God, shut up!” Carter yelled at them and then tried to fall back asleep.
            Brooke and I subtly looked at each other, knowing the ‘chirping’ was our lips. Kelli quickly hopped off my lap, and I thought it was because she noticed me looking at Brooke and got insanely jealous or something. I was preparing myself for a disaster, but instead she said, “Sh.i.t, my mom’s calling, she can’t hear you guys talking! I’m going to go upstairs.”
            She left the room and I exhaled a breath I didn’t even know I was holding in.
            “I just feel bad that Kelli has absolutely no idea,” Graham said.
            “No idea about what?” Carter shot up.
            Here comes the disaster.
Note: 4 chapters left 
Girlfriend's BesFriend
CHAPTER 45    x      .
            I instantly felt like absolute sh.i.t, knowing one of my best friends was trying to protect me from a mistake he himself made, but that I would never be able to stop myself from making.
            “I understand that, bro,” was all I could say.
            “I was just trying to keep you guys from doing something you’d both regret, I’m sorry if I acted like a d.ick. I’m so tired though, I’m going to go to bed, night guys,” he turned his head and fell asleep.
            I looked at Brooke, seeing if she had the same expression on her face that I did—guilt, embarrassment, regret—anything that told her this wasn’t a good idea.
            But her expression was unreadable. And ten minutes later, we were hooking up.
            When I kissed her, I couldn’t help but to smile. I didn’t want to, but how could I not? I felt her smiling too, but I could feel some kind of hesitation, something holding her back. Maybe this was it—the moment that Brooke realized we have to stop. I realized this a long, long time ago, but I just never could. I’m sure Brooke realized this too, but I mean maybe she finally understood it. Maybe she’d tell me this wasn’t a good idea, that she just made up with Kelli, that Graham and the rest of our friends would be so disappointed to find out, and she’d be the one to end things with me. I wouldn’t have to end things; I wouldn’t have to hurt her.
            Maybe that’s why I stuck around Brooke for so long. I couldn’t leave someone that broken to fix themselves. When I was that broken, I had Kelli to help me out. When Kelli was that broken, she had me to help her out. But when Brooke was that broken, who was there? But does that qualify as love?
            “Guys,” Graham said, forcing us both to pull up. “I’m still awake.”
            I heard Brooke quietly gasp and she looked at me to say something, but how was I supposed to explain that?
            “Guys, even after what I just said, you’re still doing this?” he asked, disappointingly. “Do the other guys know?”
            “Yeah, they do but Graham, look, it’s honest to God, not what it looks like,” I had no idea how I’d bullsh.it my way through this.
            “Then what is it?” he asked. And when I didn’t have an answer he continued, “I know you were just making out but bro, that’s still cheating. And Brooke, you just made up with Kel. Why would you do this again? The day everything became okay again?”
            “Graham, we should be honest with you. It wasn’t just today that Brooke and I did this again…we’ve been doing this. Ever since that first time you saw us. I know we told you it was one time but it wasn’t…” I tried not to sound so nervous. I just didn’t want him to think less of me than he had before he knew. I didn’t want him to think I was worthless.
            He started yelling at me that Kelli was right there and I yelled at him back to stop talking so loudly. “Of course I feel bad, Graham. Honestly, nothing against you Brooke, but I really wish we never started this. I love Kelli but I can’t stop going back to you. I know we fight a lot now because of this but the more we’re together, the more things I find to love about you,” I said. If I couldn’t bullsh.it my way out with lies, I’d bullsh.it my way out with the truth.
            “If you loved Kelli then you wouldn’t have any feelings for Brooke,” he said, trying to call me out on my lies.
            “I really love Brooke though,” I lied. “And that’s the problem.”
Note: 5 chapters left lol even Cody himself doesn't even know if he's lying ir not
Girlfriend's BesFriend
CHAPTER 44    x      .
            Now that three of my friends knew about what was going on between me and Brooke, I was starting to get nervous. She knew this too, but she acted completely unbothered by it, but who knew if she truly felt that way.
            We went back to Carter’s house to hang out and started playing dumb games like truth or dare, never have I ever, and even hide and seek. Brooke kissed Carter during hide and seek so “no one else suspected anything,” but I had a feeling she was just doing it to be spiteful. And I couldn’t even tell her that that hurt me, considering the position I was in.
            Carter told us that we could all sleep over his house if we wanted which I thought would be fun, now that Kelli and Brooke were friends again. For the first time in a while, everything felt like how it was on day one, where there were no problems or secrets.
            Brooke and Kelli fell asleep on the couch together by the time the food Carter’s mom had ordered for us arrived. All six of us devoured it, Mattie and Duke passing out right after we did. Graham and Jace laid down, really tired but neither wanted to fall asleep yet. Carter and I both reached for the last slice of pizza when Brooke woke up.
            “You guys ate all of it?” she asked, still half asleep.
            “Good job, you woke her up,” Carter burped in my face and took a bite out of the slice. “You might wake Kelli up too.”
            “Kelli’s a really heavy sleeper, you won’t,” Brooke said. As soon as she said that, we both gave each other the same look that no one else would notice, knowing the opportunity we had when everyone else fell asleep.
            Brooke’s stomach growled and she went for Carter’s pizza. He raised it above his head where she couldn’t reach and shook his head. “Carter, please! Just one bite!” she put her hand on his shoulder and stood on her tip toes to try to get the pizza. She was only wearing the shirt Carter gave her to sleep in, which lifted up as she raised her arm, exposing her bare a.ss that her thong didn’t cover.
            “Brooke, don’t do that!” I laughed at her, explaining what happens when she does.
            “No, Brooke, you’re good, keep doing that,” Graham said. Not gonna lie, that p.issed me off, but I didn’t show any emotion. If Mattie, Duke, or Jace had made that comment, I would have yelled at them for it because they knew how I felt about Brooke. I explained it to all of them the best I could, which was honestly that I do love Kel, but can’t figure out why I couldn’t let Brooke go.
            “Are you not wearing underwear?” Carter asked, almost too excitedly.
            “I don’t know, why don’t you check?” Brooke flirted with him. No, no, how about he doesn’t check. I watched as Brooke flirted around with Carter for a few more minutes, and I honestly wished Kelli was awake so I could flirt with her in front of Brooke. Why was I so spiteful?
            Brooke told us to all lay down in a circle with our heads facing each other so we could stay up and talk, but Jace had fallen asleep right after he positioned himself. Now that Brooke was laying next to me, I felt like I loved her again. I hated that no matter what she did, I couldn’t get angry at her enough to not want anything to do with her anymore. I’d always kind of want her, but I’d never be able to.
            Carter passed out next, and I was waiting for Graham to fall asleep so that Brooke and I were the only two awake when he admitted something to us that I never would have guessed.
            “Like, I really like my girlfriend, and you guys have to promise me you won’t say anything to her but I hooked up with another girl when I was dating her,” he looked down, regret spilling over his face.
            “What? Who? When?” Brooke was so hypocritically quick to ask.
            “She said her name was Ava Rivers but she wasn’t even from here so I wouldn’t know if she was lying. She said she was on vacation with her friend Savannah for a week and I figured since she wouldn’t be here long, it wouldn’t really matter and my girl would never find out. This was about a month ago which is why I flipped on you guys when I knew you...” he lowered his voice. “Hooked up. I was so disappointed in myself and regretted it so much after and I didn’t want Cody to make the same mistake I did.”
Note: 6 chapters left
Girlfriend's BesFriend
CHAPTER 43    x      .
            Carter and Graham came back after that and we walked back to the pizza shop now that things between me and her were straightened out. Now we just had to fix things between her and Brooke, if they could even be fixed at all.
            We walked in to see Brooke already at a table with Jace, Mattie, and Duke, her face changing from carefree to irritated in just a matter of seconds, as if that was going to make us not try to settle all this out.
            We all sat down at the same table; Brooke crossed her arms, Kelli grabbed my hand, neither broke their eye contact with each other.
            “Brooke, do you want to say anything?” Graham tried.
            “No,” she answered.
            “Kel?” he asked.
            “No,” she repeated.
            “Want to know what I think the problem is?” Carter asked, clearly showing how annoying this was.
            “No,” they both answered in unison.
            “I think the problem,” he continued anyway, “is that Kelli’s jealous that Brooke’s a huge flirt and gets a lot of guys but Brooke is jealous that Kelli’s the one who actually has a boyfriend. And because you each know that that makes the other jealous, you both go out of your way to try to seem better to the other one. And I know girls are really into drama but guys hate it so if you guys can just end this and be friends again that would be ‘perf’.”
            “Ew, don’t say ‘perf’,” they said at the same time again. They laughed a little that it was the second time they did that, but once they realized they were both laughing, they both stopped.
            “See, you even say the same things at the same time and it’s because you’re so similar. You’re too good of friends to let this sh.i.t get in your way. We like hanging out with you guys when you’re friends. Just stop fighting, it’s stupid,” Carter couldn’t have explained it better.
            “I’m sorry, Brookie,” Kelli was the first to apologize, after a moment.
            “I’m sorry too, Kel,” Brooke finally said, but her piercing stare never left my eyes.
            And there she went again, giving unclear signs of what she really meant that only I would notice. Was she actually sorry for being just as mean to Kelli as Kelli was to her? Or was she sorry for hooking up with her best friend’s boyfriend, although she’d never tell her that? Or was she sorry that Kelli was with me in the first place, and was apologizing to Kelli that she had to put up with me—a soft boyfriend who can’t stand up for what’s really right because he’s too afraid—all the time?
            I would never know.
            But one thing was clear—she was losing her patience. She couldn’t keep the secret much longer, and I really couldn’t either. It was tearing us apart and ruining a lot of things, yet neither of us could let it go. Why?
            I don’t know.
Note: 7 chapters left
Girlfriend's BesFriend
CHAPTER 42    x      .
            “Guys, can you give us a second?” I asked Carter and Graham. They nodded and walked down the boardwalk to give us privacy.
            “Kelli…” I tried to think of something to say.
            “I’m sorry,” she apologized.
            “I said I’m sorry. For being so clingy, for always wanting your attention, for loving you too much—”
            “Stop,” I cut her off. She shouldn’t have to apologize for anything. “Kelli, do you realize how much I owe you? You’re the one who got me sober, you’re the only person who truly knows the real me, you showed me what it feels like to be loved, and of course my life isn’t perfect but you’ve helped me get it back on track. All I’ve given you is heartbreak, misery, and doubts that you don’t deserve. It’s all my fault that you’re fighting with Brooke,” I apologized.
            “Cody, you don’t owe me anything. And it’s not your fault at all for what happened with Brooke, don’t blame yourself,” she said. Her sincerity and naivety hurt me more than she would ever know.
            “Do you know why I fell in love with you?” I asked.
            “Because I’m nice,” she said.
            “Because you’re beautiful: You’re passionate. You’re sincere. You’re driven. You’re strong. You’re compelling. You’re captivating. You’re everything I could never be, no matter how hard I tried. ‘Nice’ is a complete understatement. Want to know the difference between you and Brooke? Brooke’s afraid. No matter how perfect she tries to convince herself she is, she’s afraid. She’s afraid to let her guard down, she’s afraid to let people see the imperfect side of her, she’s afraid of what would happen if someone realized she’s not as great as she leads people to believe. You’re not afraid. You let your guard down and let me see who you were and opened up to me and that’s how I got to know that you’re all those things that I wish I was. You’re things that most people wish they could be. And deep down, you know that. That’s what’s beautiful,” I said.
            She kept her gaze straight forward, her hair shielding her face. Finally she looked up at me, her dark eyes full of tears. “I love you so much,” she kissed me. I kissed her too, my heart full of guilt, regret, sorrow, and any other emotion that would make my friends call me soft.
            I had to end things with Brooke. I knew I had to end things with Brooke if I wanted to continue things with Kelli. After I told Brooke I’d always been there for her and that I loved her too and made her believe she was worth something—f.uck.
            I couldn’t end things with her.
            That would only put her back where she started. She’d feel violated that I made her take that mask off and show me who was really inside because I’d leave her and take all her secrets with me. She’d regret everything, become even more bottled up, and maybe, even unfixable. She’d feel more worthless than ever, and I was never going to let someone feel as worthless as I’d felt when my parents gave up on me.
            I knew what I had to do.
            I know I’m a selfish player who’s c.ocky, ignorant, and d.ouchey, but if there was one thing I believed in, it was, believe it or not, God. I was raised in a really Catholic family, and although I stopped going to church years ago with my family and questioned the validity of the bible, I believed there was a God, or some higher force, that controlled everything.
            I’d have to just keep doing what I’ve been doing, and see where that takes me; see who I end up with.
            If I ended up with either of them at all.
Note: 8 chapters left