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Hi, I'm Rachel. A fifteen year old girl who is obsessed with piercings, hair dye, and Warped Tour. 
Some bands I love: All Time Low. Asking Alexandria. A Day To Remember. Of Mice and Men. Sleeping with Sirens. Pierce The Veil. Paramore. Three Days Grace. Maroon 5. Never Shout Never. Mayday Parade. & more. //// Stay Beautiful lovelies.

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Yesterday, my school lost a fighter.

I may not have known the girl fighting for her life, but I did see her in the halls always with a smile on her face. She was a brave one and touched my heart as there was never a day she lived like nothing was wrong.  Becca, your suffering is over now and we all miss you. Rest easy, angel.


I Survived saNdy

I hate comparing myself to my bestfriend. But I can't help just thinking she's so much better than I will ever be.

It's great to know
                   that after a year, I'm finally over you.

Marissa123 format.

Liking someone so bad, it hurts.

Getting cute 'Good night Beautiful' messages from a boy.

Seeing couples around you and thinking, "Damn, I wish I had something like that."

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So maybe i'm not the
prettiest girl out there.
Or the skinniest.
Or the funniest.
But I'm still a girl with feelings.

we're not even dating but it feels like you broke my heart.


Anyone else miss Drake and Josh?