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Hi. I'm Courtey. I love One Direction as much as I love sleeping. Yes, that is a lot. I also love Austin Mahone a bunch. Anywhoo, I'm in 8th grade and happen to be 13. I was born a female. Oh yeah. I have so many amazing people at my school, and I am blessed to be able to be friends with them. I could go on and on about how many amazing people I've met but, I only have two that stick out from all of them. Their names? Heather and Sara. Yes, they both have witties. Yay :) Also, including those two amazing people, we all have a youtube account called, CRAZZYcubed. We show videos of us doing random stuff. You know how on witty everyone says, "That moment where you think you and your best friend should have a reality TV show" well, this is close to it. We basically live our lives... on camera. So, at the link below, you should check it out :)
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So anywhoo, I love witty so much. This is my place to put awesome quotes in awesome formats, thanks to people on here. :) If you need to talk, come to be. Don't be scared, I don't bite ;)

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Ehh, I feel like leaving Witty.
Now stop. This isn't venting.

I'm just telling you so if anyone comes to my profile and drops a comment and doesn't get a reply, they'll know why.
Sure, go ahead, tell me I'm just doing this for attention. But I'm not.
You're not doing anything, sorry.
If you want to know why I'm leaving, it's because of how many people on here treat others with such disrespect and are so cold-hearted to others feelings and everything. I just don't like the environment on here, and frankly, I don't want to be here anymore.
It was really great meeting everybody, a lot of you were great.
It's nothing wrong with Steve, of course. His intentions were great, but some people are just too much.
Goodbye, everyone! :)


Me: *posing in front of camera, ready to take a picture*
Camera: *dies*
Me: Am I that ugly?!

I can't stand 

seeing a quote that

isn't faved.

Don't be shy...
|| chapter three part two||

“Hey, my best friend goes to this school, and he invited me to this dance. Can we get in?” Matt had a way with words.
“Do you have money?” the lady running the dance asked with a, ‘get-out-of-my-face’ tone.
Matt started, “Um, no… but my best friend is—”
“No money. No dance. Simple.” The b/tch said. Well, that escalated quickly.
“Thank you.” Matt said to the lady. We walked out the door. “What are we going to do now?” Matt whispered to us.
“Wait!” Ariana said.
I started, Wh—” but she ran off to the car. She was yanking on the door handle, and it wouldn’t open for her. Matt took out his keys and pressed the button that said, “Unlock”. She smiled and went in the car. It took her a couple of minutes, but she got out with a blue hand purse. She ran back, holding $20 in her hand.
“Where did you get that?!” I asked her.
“Well, I was going to pay you back for that one time where we went to the mall and you bought me that bra,” she started. She stopped herself, realizing she said that in front of two guys. She laughed it off and continued, “Yes, yes for the bra. And so I bought you this purse that was only $10 and I knew it matched your dress! But then I realized I needed to pay you $30 so I put $20 in it and… yeah.” She took a deep breath and exhaled. “That was a mouthful.”
I grabbed the money and the purse out of her hands. “So, we have enough money!” I said jumping up with joy. We walked back into the formal and went up to that lady with an attitude. “We have the money,” I said to her.
“Really?” She said taking the money out of my hands. “I guess you do. Just go inside,” she said pointing to the dance. I looked at Matt with a big smile on my face and we walked in. The first thing we wanted to do was find his friend. We called his name several times and finally found him.
“Heeey Alex! So awesome to see you!” Matt said to his friend, giving him that hug that only dudes do. “This is my girlfriend, Cece,” Matt said, wrapping his arm over my shoulder, giving me a big kiss on the cheek.
I smiled. “Hi,” I said all shy. “D/mn Cece, don’t be shy…” I whispered to myself. I looked back up and smiled with confidence. There was a big silence between us “So, are there a lot of slow songs?” I asked, breaking the silence.
“Ooh yeah there is! There’s about ten slow songs that happen. Three or so already happened though.” Alex told us. I looked at Matt with a smile and gave him a little peck. A new song started. It was a slow song. Matt took me out to the side, so we wouldn’t be center of attention. I wrapped my arms over his shoulders, resting my head on his chest. Matt’s arms were around my waist, closer to my butt, and we were closer than ever. We rocked back and forth, loving the moment. I couldn’t of been happier. When the song ended, I looked up at Matt and he smiled at me. The dim light from the dance hit his hazel eyes and it gave them a nice glow. I smiled and rose up on my toes. I was planning on just giving him a mini kiss, but it was a little more. His arms were still around my waist, and I lifted my arms and put them on his shoulder. We kissed throughout one song, although we ignored the rest of the world. When I was kissing him, all I could see was him, and me standing on the dance floor. When we separated, I looked at him again. He took his hands from my waist and had his left and in my right. If I could have a better day than this, I would be shocked. Today was heaven, and beyond.

Teaser: “Do you love me?” he asked me.
Well, this was part two of "Don't Be Shy..." if it isn't obvious enough (; Isn't that so sweet?! I think it is... so, if you want to be notified for chapter four, just comment on this quote! Thank you all!

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Don't be shy...
|| chapter three part one||

“Cece get downstairs! A guy wants to see you!” my sister yelled up the stairs. I ran out, going down the stairs like a speed racer. As I got to the bottom step, I was stopped from my sister, Lizzie. “Who’s this boy, Cece? Is he your… boooyfriend?” Lizzie nagged. She kept poking me. “Huh? Is he? Is he? Is he?” she kept begging.
“Liz, stop.” I said in between laughs. She let me be and I walked to the door. I checked myself in the mirror right next to the door before I opened it. “Hey, Matt!” I said happily. I gave him a tight hug. “Whatcha doin’ here?” I asked him, confused.
“Well, my friends and I were gonna go somewhere. Do you want to go?” He asked me, suspiciously.
“Where are we going to go?” I asked him.
“Nowhere, really. We’re just going to drive around in my dad’s car. Cool with you?” he told me as if it was nothing.
“Will we get in trouble?” I asked him nervously.
“Nahh. You got nothin’ to worry about, babe,” Matt said with a smile, and he leaned in for a kiss. This time it lasted a little longer.
“Alright… let’s go,” I said to him, grabbing his hand and leading our way to his car. I forgot I needed to tell my mom where I was going. “Bye mom! I’m going for a… walk! Love you!” I lied.
“Are you sure we won’t get in trouble?” I said, stopping myself.
“Come on. You’ll be fine.” Matt assured me.
One of his friends (yeah, one of the guys in his little posy) popped out of the window. “Hop in. We’re just going for a joy ride,” he said with a grin. I gave in and went in his car. I looked in the back and saw Ariana.
“Hey, Ari! What are you doing in here?” I asked her.
“I was invited.” She said with a laugh. I held my hair up, showing her that I was a blonde and that it made sense that I asked that question. She laughed and we were off.
“Where are we?” I asked Matt.
“Well,” he started, “I have this friend from summer camp, and he invited me to his dance. It’s a formal dance. I told him all about you and how we started dating. He invited me to the dance so you and I could bond there. Is that okay with you?” he told me. I was so shocked. He is such a charmer.
“Yes, it’s okay with me silly!” I said, ruffing up his hair. “But, it’s a formal dance and I don’t have anything to wear...” I said, disappointed.
“Don’t worry hun. I’ve got you covered.” Ariana said as she lifted up a gorgeous blue and black dress. I was speechless by then. She also had heels, earrings, a hair clip, eyeliner, mascara, EVERYTHING!
“Wow. A-Are we all going?” I asked, truly amazed.
“Yeppers.” Matt confirmed. I grabbed my dress and looked around.
“No peeking everybody!” I said as I lifted up my shirt to put on this gorgeous dress.
“Ugh, is it on yet?” one of Matt’s friends said, getting bored, covering his eyes up for the longest time. I slid on my last heel, and tapped Matt’s shoulder.
“Oh… my…” he could barely speak.
“I know!” I said jumping up and down. Matt slid his fingers in between mine and we walked up the driveway of his friend’s school.

Teaser: No money. No dance. Simple. the b/tch said.
Hello fellow readers! Yes, this is part one of this chapter because I don't think I could fit part two on one quote— heck, I"m suprised it fit on here with tis much! :o so, I will post part two very soon (: thank you for reading this far if you are! It's greatly appreciated! :3
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I'm in love with you,
and all your little things.

-one    direction

Don't be shy...
|| explaination time ||

Hello! I'm writing a story called, of course, "Don't Be Shy..." and, I want you to read it! Not because I want to be "witty famous" or "popular" or anything but I feel you would enjoy it! It's not that popular but, I'm begging you just to read the prolouge or something. I promise you, you won't regret it. And, if by any chance you do, I'm very sorry. I don't think it's a bad story. I think it's okay and I wanted to share it with you :) so read as you please! :3

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Don't be shy...
|| chapter two ||

“Cece? Cece, where are you?” I heard Ariana’s voice yell from the halls. I didn’t want to talk to her, much less see her. She was the reason I’m crying.
“Cece? Don’t be upset! Come talk to us!” I heard Matt yell as he was walking with Ariana. Ugh. They’re probably holding hands, being a lovey dovey couple down the halls as I’m crying here because of that.
“Hey, I’m gonna check the bathroom, kay?” I heard Ariana’s voice whisper. Crap. I tucked my feet from under me and sat on the toilet with my feet up. Hopefully I could trick her. “Cece, I know you’re in here. I don’t know what happened but, we can talk through it… I’m sorry if I did anything wrong. Cece, please come out,” she said with such sorrow in her voice, I felt bad for her, even though I was the problem. I gently let my feet fall to the ground and I opened the stall door. Ariana was sitting in the corner, her face buried in her knees. When she heard the creak of the door, she sprouted up. She saw me and gave me a big hug. “Cece!” she yelled. That got Matt coming. He stood right outside the door, smiling like crazy. “Why’d you run away?” Ariana asked me, wiping my tears and make-up runs away.
“Because, Ari, now you and Matt are dating… and I really like,” I paused, looking at Matt, “I really like Matt.” I began to let out a couple tears before I let myself finish. “Seeing your best friend go out with the guy you like for years hurts… a lot.” That was all I managed to say. I started sobbing in Ariana’s shoulder.
She patted my back, “Cece, you’ve got this all wrong. Matt’s best friend, Joey, is in love with me and Matt did this ‘fake ask-me-out’ thing in front of Joey so he wouldn’t like me anymore. It wasn’t to hurt you! Matt and I aren’t really dating… just in front of Joey we are,” Ariana confessed. I slowly lifted up my head and saw Ariana’s sincerity in her eyes. I looked at Matt and he shook his head yes, agreeing with Ariana.
“Really?” I asked Ariana, wiping my tears away.
“Yes, really! I promise you,” she said with a big bear hug.
“So, Cece. You like me huh? If I knew you liked me, I would of asked you out... not her. I would of made my plan differently!” Matt spoke to me.
I started rambling on. “Well, yeah. But, that’s okay there’s a bunch of other girls that like you in the grade and you’d much rather go out with one of them than me because I mean… look at me! I’m a mess! And all the other girls ar—“
Matt stopped me in my tracks and kissed me. On. The. Lips.
“Well, that was another way to shut me up,” I said laughing to Matt.
“Yeah, Cece. Matt likes you. We were talking about it as we were going on a search for you!” Ariana said with a laugh.
“Really?” I said looking at Matt.
“Yes, really.” Matt said, confirming my question. “So, Cece. How do I put this?” Matt said.
“Yes.” I answered him, knowing the question. He smiled and kissed me again. “Hey, Matt. Do you think I could touch up my make-up with Ari for a bit and I’ll come meet you somewhere?” I said with a smile. He nodded and Ari grabbed my hand and led me to the mirror. She was eager to do this. She loves putting on make-up… on other people.
“Cece, there’s one condition you have to undergo to be able to date Matt,” Ariana said to me. I gave her the hand signal to keep going, so she did. “You have to act like you aren’t dating Matt around Joey, or you hate him, or something! And Matt and I need to act like we’re dating… does that make sense?” She told me. What if everyone thinks they’re dating though? Then it would be useless for Matt and I to go out.
“Yeah, whatever.” I told her. She looked upset at my response, so I smiled.

Teaser: "Hop in, we're just going for a joy ride." He said with a grin.
How do you like it? This is only my second chapter :o I might be adding a third or a fourth today :) we'll see how it goes. So, if you want a notification, just ask. I'll be glad to do so for chapter three. Goodbye, beautiful! :3

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Don't be shy...
|| chapter one ||

"Yo, Cece! Get your butt up! Time to get ready!" my sister yelled from the bottom of the stairs. I let out a small groan and hoisted myself up. Ugh. I hate Mondays. I used all of my energy to get myself down the stairs and when I got down, I leaned against the counter and closed my eyes. My mother was there, organizing the cereal boxes. I’m going to tell you know now; she’s a neat freak.
My mom started to go all, ‘mom’ on me. “Honey? You okay? Oh… tired I see. Well, do you want cereal to wake you up? I have Froot Loops, Mini Wheats, Frosted Fl—“
“Cheerios is fine.” I said, cutting her off. She gave me ‘the look’ and ripped the box of Cheerios out of the pantry. She made me cereal for me as I rested for a bit on my living room couch.
“Cece, wake up.” My mom sternly woke me up, telling me that I had cereal ready. I ate it so fast; I could be on one of those TV shows. I looked at the clock on the stove and it read, “7:30” which meant I had to start to get ready. I went as fast as I could up the stairs and opened my door to my room. I walked into the mini hallway and ran to the dresser. I threw on a white cami and a baggy long sleeve shirt with a guy with his tongue sticking out. I took my dark skinnies and put them on with a couple jumps in the making. I went to my bathroom and started my eye make-up. I took my blue crayon eyeliner and did the waterlines blue. Then I took my liquid black eyeliner and did a fancy decoration on my top lids. After that I covered my eyelashes with black mascara. Then I took my lip gloss and glossified my lips to perfection. I scurried to my body mirror to take a look at myself. I realized I didn’t do anything to my hair so I took the hair tie that was around my wrist and threw my hair up into a messy bun. There we go. I went downstairs and grabbed my little uggs. I took my messenger bag and threw it over my head and it landed on my left shoulder.
“Bye mom! Love you! Goin’ to school!” I yelled as I walked out the door. I was walking up my driveway and saw the yellow bus approach at the top of it. Perfect timing. When I walked up the stairs, about five or six guys did that whistle sound when they see a sexy girl. I looked around for a seat and saw a newly manicured hand waving me over. Of course, it was Ariana (yes, the one that could be a model if she wanted to). I grinned at the sight of Ariana being on the bus. She’s never on. Today is going to be a good day.

< < < > > >

“Hey! Ariana and Cece! Come over here!” I heard a guy’s voice yell from across the basketball court. It was Matt’s. I had a huge grin on my face as we walked towards Matt and his posy. I saw Matt looking at me up and down. I didn’t want to catch an awkward eye contact with Matt, so I looked down at my shoes. I stayed that way as we came up to them. “So, you gotta boyfriend?” I heard Matt’s voice say. I looked up eagerly, suspecting he was subtly asking me out. I was ready to answer ‘No’ but I saw Matt’s eyes planted on Ariana’s.
Ariana giggled and was twisting her hair in between her fingers. “No.”
“Do you want me to be your boyfriend?” Matt asked Ariana. I can’t believe he just asked my best friend out right in front of me.
She had one of those girlie-girl laughs and answered, “Yeah…” I couldn’t take the humiliation and I ran out of the court and into the nearest girl’s bathroom. I knew Ariana and Matt and his posy was looking, too. I couldn’t take it. I ran into the first stall and cried and cried. There go my dreams of a good day.

Teaser: "I'm sorry, Cece! If I knew you liked me... I would of asked you, not her."
How do you like it so far? Crazy right?! Thanks so much for reading this far!
Comment if you want a notification :)
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Don't be shy...
|| prolouge ||

I'm Cece. I live in L.A, Cali. I'm pretty sure you've heard of it. It's not as good as it sounds though. It's really hot— all the time. I mean, yes. There are celebrities here and there but, other than that, it's just another place to live. Anyways, I'm 15, lugging my way through high school. There are a lot of guys to hit on but, none of them are worth it. Well, except one. His name is Matt. Matt Edwards. Oh boy, oh boy is he something. He has that famous bieber swayjust as a brunette. His eyes are light hazel, and they can suck you into his trap. He's just perfect. All the girls hit on him though, because of his perfectness, which means I have no chance. That doesn't mean I'm bad... it just means it's a one in a million chance... and I'm not that lucky. Anyways, I'm a blonde. Yes, make all the jokes. But, I'm smarter than you think. I'm like Maddie Fitzpatrick on the show, Sweet Life of Zach and Cody. So, I'm not dumb. I'm on the Honors roll every cemester, to prove my point. I have many, many friends, but only one sticks out. Her name? Ariana DeCoursey. I swear she could be on the show, "Next Top Model" if she wanted to. Her hair is a wavy brunette that goes down mid-spineall natural. She is the most popular girl in the school. And there's about, eh, let's say 1,000 kids in our school. Grades 9-12. Ninety percent of those 1,000 probably know her. It's ironic how my best friend is the most popular and then there's me barely known by my grade. But hey, that's just me.
Yo, Cece! Over here! I heard a voice yell from across the basketball court. It was Matt.
Don't be shy... I said under my breath, taking slow steps toward the court.

Teaser: “So, you gotta boyfriend?” his angel-like voice spoke.
What do you think? Obviously, this is just a prolouge so I can change the story if
that would be better :) So, if you want a notification, you'd have to comment every
time another chapter comes up :( sorry! I would really like it if you could give me
feedback as well! Thank you!

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