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im not good at communicating with people, but im a good listener if needed and i dont mind giving advice.

Quotes by rivers_of_red

Art Teacher- "There are two parts to the stone age, the neolithic and the paleolithic, which came first?"
Random Kid- "mesopatamia!"
Me-"BAHAHAHA, you are the weakest link!"
if a guy likes you, he will make time for you, even if he plays hard to get HE WILL MAKE TIME FOR YOU, if he doesnt then dont make time for him and move on.
It's not about how people see you, its about how see yourself.
                 only problem is..
    I hate what I see
When life gets harder.....
You just leveled up.
If he truely cared, he wouldn't of even dared to of hurt you the first time, let alone the second one.
i'll slay my own dragon, i wont wait for a loser in tin foil to do it.
what's funny is you left.
whats hilarious is you could hear me laughing through the closed door.
I may look like the girl next door
But i will kick your butt like the beach down the block
When I say I'm okay, it's not because I am, it's because I know I will be.
I always felt like a freak of nature.....then I met my best friend :)