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“People are crazy for believing that these walls will protect us forever.

Even though the walls have been intact for the past 100 years,

there’s nothing that can guarantee
they won’t be broken down today…”-Armin Arlert

Quotes by Lady Phantomhive*







'I just can't keep pretending like everythings alright' 



Somebody stole my car radio.
     and now I just sit in silence 





Kiss me like the world  is gonna disappear




              LIVING UNDER A PAPER


Its weird how dead witty has got, I remeber when to get top quote you had to have at least 500 likes to even get on the third page of tops woah, its so weird ahh

I gotta stay high,
                                    all the time,
                                                                   to keep you off my mind..




"You've served more than enough, and you'll continue to do so. The will you leave behind will give me strength. I promise, I will drive the Titans to extinction no matter what!"- Levi Ackerman, 



                 Anything you say
     will be held against you
so only say my name..


       I cant explain myself,
i'm afriad,sir, because im not

               myself,you see.