Status: I skipped a part in puberty where I become attractive.
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Quotes by roseth0rn

Sweet dreams are made of these
who am I to disagree?

I bleed my heart out on this paper,

just for you,

so you can see what I can’t say.

I’m dying here

cause I can’t say what I want to. I bleed my heart out just for you.
© roseth0rn
Left me to break
Left me to break


I knew the first time that we met,
                                         ♥♥ You would be hard to forget. ♥  

© roseth0rn

I'm not scared to tell the truth.
i love drama
i hate being single
i sometimes cause fights on purpose
i like my face
my family love me
i have friends
i am popular
i sometimes AM self centered
i am smart
i brag
i'm kind of spoiled
i love my siblings
i like having nice things
I am social

Judge me? Cool.I don't give a fluff.
© roseth0rn

Blue Devils
(n) A saying for 'Sadness or Depression'.
I hate it when people stare at me and don't say anything.
If you want a picture, just ask! 
In any spy or hero comic, the guy will be resonably dressed while the girl is in a string.
Just once, I wanna see it the other around.  
Cashier: That'll be $735.
Me: Do except tears.