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Simply amazing, just getting to know her but she's absolutely the best!
Just met her, you should go check out her quotes.!
Honestly my favorite person, she's on my profile everyday & has a beautiful soul!<3 
This girl is absolutely beautiful, she's my everythigng.<3 go FOLLOW HER. Like now.

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2014 Summary
                      Honestly I think I've come a long ways since the beginnning of 2015. I changed. A lot. I've had people hurt me or come into my life over the last year but I've made irreplaceable friends. From a problematic aunt to a poco loco cousin's husband, I've learned tough love. I've learned what I'm worth when looking for a boyfriend. Sure I don't talk to guys as much as I did last year but I did have someone who liked me for me just for that short time. I know that I'm more than nudes or just someone to think about while they're drunk no matter how goregous they tell you, you are. I got a really good group of friends that I love to death, right now I'm the single lady of them all but I love it because I'm still there for them. I made the best guy friend in the world, even if he has his wh..es to talk to. I learned what it means to keep a secret and listen actually listen to your friends speak.  What I love is that I've learned to be happy. In almost all my pictures I'm smilling. I'm figuring what I'm good at. I will have to look at my videos to look at my goals but I have to tell you I'm happy. I'm wiser and happier this year(:
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Made it out of the friendzone(:


Maybe he'll
be a good

Have you ever looked at yourself
and wondered
why you are different? 
Why can't you look like everyone else? 
Why can't you be loved like the rest? 
Why can't I have a family as perfect as the world?

Why do I
still love him after he's hurt me so badly?


and I'm still awake"
its really hard to love yourself, when the person that you like doesnt even like you.
if you guys ever feel depressed, suicidal, etc.
favorite this and we can talk.
promise. love you guys
His body language says,
"I like you as a friend."
But his eyes,
oh his eyes,

says something more.
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you showed me
what livin' 
Is for
Don't wanna hide anymore

So I was walking past a couple slow dancing
All I hear, 
"Why can't you have as big as bo.obs as her?"

I'm taking it as a compliment.