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damn. i used to come on this website every single day for like three/four years. i was 11 when i first joined here and now im 18. i had forgotten about this website for a looooong time. the other day i had rediscovered by username and guessed a password until i was logged in. i just needed to KNOW. i dont understand. since that day i keep logging into here as if anyones going to post anything even though i know 90% of you have abandoned this website. its just so weird to have this access to a deep, forgotten part of my past and i almost dont know how to process it. although, im also known to overthink everything. i dont know man its just a weird thing going on in my mind. 
My school, the MIDDLE SCHOOL, has a 'timeout'. Im confused.
I remember from when I was younger, if you could tie shoes on your own, you were "cool".
My Math teacher and my science teacher are directioners <3
You Will Be Kissed tomorrow:


Now Look For The Q And Your Wish Will Come True!


Now Look For The 'N' This Is Really Hard!


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Fave this if you have to take a bus to school. I do and I'm not happy about it. I have to wake up at 6:30 in the morning. :(
Following a bunch of people just to get them to follow you back. lol
Happy 19th Birthday Liam James Payne!
For Directioners only:
Witty changed... Again.