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Hi I'm Maddie. I'm 19.

And I was here first

Reasons behind the username: I used to have an account on here in like 2010 called itsmemads and Steve deleted it cause I was a btch. but I'm back and I occasionally leave just so I can come back and keep the username fresh.

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Hang man is great,
it teaches you that by
saying the wrong words,
you could end someone's life.
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e wasn't good enough for her


 II was thinkin bout killing myself 
 Don't You Mind Don't You Mind.


No matter how long it's been, there are times when it suddenly

becomes hardetbreathe. 

Don't be mad when someone starts to appreciate the person you took for granted.
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wHaT  IF, aFTeR eveRYTHInG  I've

I'm becoming bad?

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Alright so it has come to the user Leo and I's attention that witty wasn't what it was when some of us were on here. So how about we invite people to this website to get the party going again? Find the people that once inhabited most of these empty profiles that we see and ask them to come back? We want witty to be thriving and lively again, we want the party back! Please help us spread the word about this amazing website where ideas can come alive and people can talk to one another freely. We want to show people that good websites like this one do exist!
First dates are awkward, 
but you made it perfect.
First kisses are sloppy,
but you made it worth it.
First "I love you"s are unnatural, 
but you made me want to hear it more.
You change everything.