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Hey people thanks for seeing my witty profile

if you read the status it is

true for a lil something about my self well I

am a tom boy/Girlly girl I love to get dirty but

I love to shop too so hope you like mah

quotes OHHHHHH by the way I am 12 years

old :)
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shaejensen11's Favorite Quotes

It took so long to feel alright
suddenly my shoulders feel cold
my hand is feeling lonley
my heart is losing it
it had to break
What if unicorns really do exist
but their fat and grey and we call them rhinos
Chance made us sisters 

hearts made us friends
Me: Teacher? Can I go to the bathroom?
Teacher: Wait until Jode comes back.
Me: What the heck? It's not like im going to r a p e him or something! 
Are you religious?
because youre the answers to all my prayers (;
Are you a parking ticket?
because you've got fine writeen all over you(;
I seem to have lost my phone number.
Can I have yours? (;

Are your parents retarded?
Cause you sure are special (; 

I hope you know CPR,
because you're taking my breath away (;

Is your dad a baker?
because you sure got a nice set of buns (;