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People of Witty hear me out:

I'm sick and tired of hearing the word 'Retarded'. Do you not realize how much it hurts other people? It's really not hard to say 'Stupid' instead, there's even less letters! And the word 'Stupid' doesn't hurt innocent people's feelings! People, MAKE A CHANGE. When you hear someone use the R-Word tell them off, let them realize how horrible it is. People are trying to stop bullying, right? Well using the R-Word and other derogatory language is a form of harassment people do daily, and they may not even realize it.

If your tired of hearing the R-Word too, press the little heart down there, let people know that

the new R-word is Respect. 

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He's the boy I wanna get stuck at the top of the Ferris wheel with..


 5 Days. ♥ 
                                                             Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. Friday November 19th

Law &

Special victims unit.

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Drake & Josh forever 

Hi, I sorta really like you alot but you make me nervous so I'm trying to talk to you even though I can't really control what I'm saying because I'm scared and I like your shirt and your hair looks great and you're so freaking muscley that I just want to kiss you but I can't because that would be weird and akward and here I am rambling like an idiot while getting lost in your eyes and this long run on sentence is probably annoying but I don't care because you're cute and I've attempted this conversation a bajillion times in my diary and it went way better so can we just start over and I can try not to humiliate myself this time?