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Hey guys. My name's Isabelle, just FYI, but you can call me Izzy if you wanna
I never know when to stop laughing and I'm probably the most abnormal person you can meet, but that's ok by me.
I want you all to know you are beautiful, no matter what people say, don't listen to them.

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Quotes by skilletbiscuit

Maybe there's a part of me that hit the wall
    Leaving pieces of me behind,
    And I feel like I'm breaking inside.
Girls need to realize that it takes as much courage for a boy to say something to a girl as it does for a girl to say something to a boy.
So I liked a guy and my friend (Lexi) liked one of his friends but she knew I liked the guy (Josh).
So Josh asked Lexi out and she said yes even though she's a year older than him, knew I liked him, and liked his friend, not him. 
They kept it from me for about a complete day where I was talking to her literally the entire day and when I wasn't mad she kept insisting I was mad. 
So then I did get mad at that and tried to stop the fight. Then she went and "summarized" our fight to Josh in a complete utter lie telling him that I blame her for my pain and depression even though she knows the complete story and exactly who I blame for my pain and depression. And she also told him that I don't care about her which isn't true and when Josh tried to confront me we started talking and I explained everything to him and he found out it she wasn't telling him the truth and that it was all a lie. And then she kept insisting that I should think of the guy I liked before Josh which the only reason I liked Josh was so I could stop liking the the other guy cause we are best friends and he helps me out with my depression and it was getting in the way of our friendship and him helping me so I didn't want to like him. But then as soon as I stopped liking Matthew and started liking Josh, Lexi goes out and starts dating him. She won't talk to me because she thinks I'm "not calm" even though I am and she doesn't want to think that and wants me to talk to her when I calm down, although I am calm so I don't know when to talk to her.

Help me? Please.


[A]vailable: Yes
[B]irthday: March 15
[C]rush: Matthew
[D]rink you last had: Water
[E]asiest person to talk to: Matthew

[F]avorite genre of music: Any kind of rock.
[G]ummy bears or gummy worms: bears.
[H]ad your first kiss: I don't really count it as a first kiss
[I]nstrument: Saxaphone
[J]uice: I don't like it
[K]illed someone: The girl I used to be
[L]ongest trip: 16 hour road trip
[M]ilkshake flavor: Cookies & Cream
]umber of siblings: 2
[O]ne wish: For my depression to vanish
[P]erson who holds the best memories with you: My long time bestie Josh
[Q]uiet or loud: Depends 
[R]easons to smile: witty, other than that I'll tell you when I get one
[S]ong: When She Cries

[T]ime you woke up: 9:12
[U]mbrella: I prefer dancing in the rain
[V]egetable: Broccoli 
[W]arm at the moment: HA no
[X]-rays you've had: Non
[Y]our favorite animal: Black Panther
[Z]odiac sign: Pisces
When an argument with a friend takes you to suicidial thoughts, that's depression, right?
"Oh hey there. I like your face."
I believe in love at first sight
I never said what kind of love, but
I mean you see someone and you just know they're going to be special.
The best man
is the one who
looks you in the eye,
tells you you're beautiful,
and makes you believe it.
Confession #2:
The only times I tell the truth is when I talk about my hardships to two of my friends. When I talk about my life and my scars and all my countless attempts that I keep secret. And when I tell a story from the past or I am helping someone (with anything). Other than that everything I say is a twisted version of the truth or a pure utter lie.