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desperado* 9 years ago
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yeah, i'm born on christmas (insert stupid jesus joke here), so i can't get it until the day after, but i'm already studying for my permit so i can get it right away.
he sees what some chicks in my grade wear lol like mine isn't even that bad.
i drove to the burbs one time when i was in cali and the whittier / la mirada / el segundo areas are my favorite. whittier offered me a lot of money to play lacrosse (they want me to sign but idk) but we could be whittier buds !!!!
san diego is so nice omg. my uncle may move out there and he says he might this summer and if he does, my parents might send me out there to live so i can get in state tuition :~)
pennsylvania is so damn boring never come out here like promise me you won't.
ribcaged 9 years ago
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i miss you like heck
desperado* 1 decade ago
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i missed you, these people on here are so basic ugh.
this site isn't even cool anymore lmao
ribcaged 1 decade ago
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missin you like 24/7