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Hello There , My Name Is Arianna
I Have an amazing fam[ily]
I Have Amazing Friends, 
& Amazing pets ;] 
I Love playing sports, 
im on a soccer & basketball team!
I love laughing and joking
a l o t 
Im 14! &
My Birthday is
*<*>*SEPTEMBER 12 *<*>*
Most  people say im crazy, but im okay with it!
What people say about me usually doesnt phase me and if it does you know youre an asshole ;]
My life is great, ive had drama of course but its only been a couple bumps& bruises along the way :)
well if you'd like to know more about me just comment & ill answer any questions :D 
Love you all ! 

Quotes by smileitsgoodforyou123

its just a quote, a plain old ugly quote, no one likes, but she doesnt care, she let her heart spill out to the world, she feels better letting it out, yet still has no courage telling h.i.m. ,  just how she feels. </3

I don't want to be just one of those girls you
try to get with.. 

I want to be THAT girl
That you tell your friends about..


'Cause you're the one i love

\\\\\ baby you're the one that i need /////

You're the only man i see

Baby, Baby, its you!

when i Need You Everything Stops; -->>
> > finally --->
you put my love on >>


when i Need You Make Everything STOP; -->>
> > finally --->
you put my love on >>


she might set off my rocket
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
on & poppin'

-who dat gurl

Guess What.........!
Admit it,
we all did it when
we first got it ;)

I got my .

often imitated, never duplicated
They say she a dime
I say shes under rated


& do you know
what i hate..

When People Are




I dont want the so called
'FairyTale' Life
I want a life where i regret nothing, laugh at everything, love life, and follow my dreams
&I don't want everything to be perfect
Because   perfect   j ust   seems   so   boring.

all mine. nmf.