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Quotes by smileyboo97

Senior year is going by fast.. I can't wait till it's over..
How about you ask him what happened between him and I. All I have to say is he hurt me, he ripped my heart out of my chest and broke it into two. An dI don't think I could ever forgive him no matter how much I tell myself to.
Prom today!! Let's hope something magical happens!!<3
So my boyfriend and I are getting a dog together and we've only been together for 2 months and a week.. lol 

Going on a date this weekend with him!<3.. 
He asked me what I wanted to do.. 
Movies or bowling.. 
Well my friend asked me to go ice skating.. lol 
Maybe we should do that? 
If you were me what would you do?(: 
Homecoming was amazing last night!! The after party was great! :D
So the boy I'm dating now dropped out of high school. He ius going back to get his GED.. He is sitting here trying to make me do my homework so I don't fail and become careless.. How sweet!!(: 
I'm thinking about going vegan.? 
I wish I felt pretty without make up... I hate wearing foundation and stuff because I feel so insacure.. 
I just want to be happy and healthy again.. :/ That'sall I ask.