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I've had witty for a few months now...
Mostly I waste my time with cheerleading, running, and
gymnastics!! I'm currently in training for this seasons competition and generally I'm a pretty happy person!
Um, Sometimes me and sleep just don't agree.
I sing for our State youth choir and play piano. I hope major in
vocal performance!  anything else and you can just ask me(: kay, thanks!

Quotes by snappy77

Can someone tell me....
How to get over my First love...
Is it even worth trying love again?


I will love you on my own
So to let your heart go
Where it wants to be
Which isn't with me...

And even though I will cry
I'll just wipe my eyes
So you don't see
the pain you let be...


pain pain go away
come around some other day

Them: Just flirt a bit
me:...your face.....
it's nice..... um do you come here often?
him: no why
me: umm I'm not sure



Mi amigo ese de mio yo te quiero
Mi amigo que canta las palabras bonitas
Canta una canción de mi corazón
y mi amor voy a tu... a tiempo
Pero Amor, no yo puedo
y caer He tratado
Pero porque no puedo amor ahora
Espero encontrar mi amor espera

Canta una cacion de mi corazon
Canta una cacion de mi amor
Y una dia yo te amo
Encuentrame las estellas
y cantame a dormir
y una dia yo te amo
Me coga la luna
Y me quintan
Y una dia yo te amo.


-by Cosette




You deserve a bajillion hugs and kisses from ryan goosling :) or channing tatum!! You are my bestest friend and I can trust you with the world!

I wuv you sister amd I am so glad you're in my life.
You stuck with me through bad and good.
you helped me learn aboutanxiety and helped soothe it,
You were there when HE left me
you were there when SHE left me
and blamed me for no reason.
Through that big test
and movies were I wiped my chocolate on a kid's head
we've been through alot.
Through two hamsters and some family
you've been through alot.
So I am NEVER letting you go my friend
because I need you like a fishie needs waer
and you're amazing. thanks <3




Me coge las estellas
y una dia yo te amo.

Catch me the stars
and one day I will love you <3



Dear God,
 Thank you, God, for my friends
Who never cease to fail me.

Thank you for the people
Who walked in when the world walked out
Thank you for them
Who taught me to dance in the rain.
When I needed family
They were there
When I was sick, when I found out
They were there
When he left me
They were there
When I needed pushed
They pushed me.
When I needed taught
They taught me.
I now know what it's like to have friends
So special you cry
I know now that these friends are true.
I love them God, I really do
So please bless them with joy and happiness
I really want them to smile too.
The girl blessed with them.

1. She doesn't talk about you
2. You never ever try and talk to moi
3. I try and smile and wave and get death glares
4. get over yourself.

you need a dictionary
to look up the word friend.