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Quotes by sunset48

When I was 5, I made up my mind to become a doctor,
my relatives laughed.

When I was 12, I decided to study law,
my mother said I can't,
"It's not suitable for a girl."

When I was 14, I switched again, to psycology and philosophy,
my father said they led to no future.

And now I realise that people's standards don't match,
to you, they will add up as 'double standards'
Now I realise that people's opinions shouldn't matter
-- they can't all matter

Do yourself a favour:
draw your own path,
or else you may forever regret a choice you never made.
If I were ever to describe my thoughts,
I would ask you to imagine fist-fulls of sand
trying to gather every grain of sand your hands,
scampering to collect the leaking particles,
but hopelessly, for the particles will always continue to fall apart.

New Text Document
13 November 2014
Maryam Aswad

With a body of steel
armoured with life,
the heart of a lion
with a million hearts within,
the mind of the mathematition
Einestine’s third clone,
The cunning of No-Man
on a quest for his life,

I will scale sky-scrapers
above mountains of snow
fist-fighting Hekatonkheires*
clashing swords with Enyo*
hand in hand with Atropos*, pacing.
Behind me, civilisations fall
by the hands of the Moonlight Hero.

The winged hero stands alone
in the depths of Tartarus
over the crippled body of Oizys*
hair fluttering behind,
a powerful stance,
a silent gaze to silence
the crackling thunder of Zeus.

But alone with white papers, I remain,
content enough to be watching from afar.


Hekatonkheires: the Hundred-Handed Ones, giant gods of violent storms and hurricanes.
Enyo: goddess of destructive war
Atropos: one of the three Fates, the severer of the life thread
Oizys: spirit of woe and misery

(all Greek)

Oh should my people fall, then
Surely I'll do the same
I suppose it all comes down to this,
doesn't it?
I know if I leave
that I would crumble in Fear;
fear of new people,
fear of new places,
fear of ideas I'd distanced myself from,
fear of change.

But that is not what scares me most
It is not what really hurts.
Because how will they feel when I'm gone?
The castles we've built inside our hearts,
continuously mended fortresses
of trust and hope;
how do they decay so quickly?
How do they break up beyond repair,
when so often, we had held them up 

Distanced by land;
distanced by space;
distanced by time.
That is how the pieces are kept apart.
I'm kind of sick of being that quiet girl who reads

but then agian
I have been working on a novel for over a year now
word by word, page by page, I see images reflected from my mind onto a screen
Too often, I think I will never be able to finish it
Too often, I feel my writing will never be good enough
But every time I think 

I've spent too much time
I've poured too large a part of my soul into it
I'd prove myself to be the idiot I've always believed myself to be if I stop now.

And you know what? It works every time.
And now, a month into a depressive writer's block,
a year into life-threatening anxiety,
I still think I've gone too far
Too far to stop now, for any reason
I've worked too hard to give up now, we all have.

And it's not only the novel I speak of.
Is "bleugh" a mood?
I can hold pen to paper
But I know I won't write.
I can open my mouth
But no words will come out.
I'm not just scared.
I find it rather selfish,
Ocuppying others' minds
with my own hopes and dreams.