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Quotes by sunset48

Can bad dreams always ruin your whole day?

If you do not know how it feels like to get no more than
a total of three hours of sleep out of two days
then please feel free to get the hell away from me while I'm sleeping
and not direct lights or make noises near me thank you very much.
Why are you hating on teenagers, yo?
Haven't you read any books? 
Teens are always saving the world
I get very angry when I see someone being hurt and doing nothing about it
"Oh it'll be alright... It won't last long... I don't want to bother them.." 
Whatever your excuse is, I've heard it
Or even thought it
I've been there, I've done that, and I promise it ends with
Now I want you to take those rose-tinted glasses off  
and take a look at the real word for a second, will you?
Now please, do the thing that's better for yourself, for once
And don't feel guilty about it
Because here's a newsflash: You matter.

Now get your rose-tinted glasses back on and smile, please and thank you.
You don't realise how much trouble it is
to be an introvert who's neutral face says "upset"
I don't play on words,
I just phrase my sentences nicely
don't believe I'll be a great hero,
I don't believe I can save millions or make their lives better,
I don't believe I will become famous,
don't believe I'll become rich,
I don't believe I'll make it into history,

But what I do believe is that one day, if I work hard enough for it, I will make someone's life easier, with maybe as little as a good advice. I believe that one person may one day look at that stars on a nastalgic night, remember how they got where they are, and thank me.
And that is all I ever hope for.
Always warn people before you stalk them because it's rude not to.
Some call me ginger
Some call me blond
Some call me brunette

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