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Quotes by sunset48

Is that... Ice cream?
I've been putting this off for months; denying everything I saw and felt or even thought off. I don't want this to keep going. How do you tell your parents you might be depressed?
Isn't it just magical when you see someone smile?
Not the smile itself, but the moment leading to a smile and watching as their lips curl into a beautiful expression of happiness... I cannot explain how great it makes me feel
if you ask me a question the do not give me a chance to answer, please do not feel surprised when you get slapped. Thank you.
Person: They're just books
Me: *Throws Order of the Phoenix at them*
Person: OUCH!
Me: Sorry, did that hurt?
Person: YES!
Me: but it's just a book...
As much as I dislike generalisation...
I really think
That every Wittian I've seen so far is just amazing.
Seriously, I love you guys :')
Can nobody hear me?
I've got a lot that's on my mind
I cannot breathe
Can you hear it too?
Remember when the most imporant thing ever was protecting your password?
Now your password is an inside joke with yourself
and you feel so smart after making it that you feel obligated to share it with someone.
I either hate everyone in the world and want to destroy them,
or I just love and admire everybody and want to hug them and help them  go on.
There's literally no in between.
I think I figured out hysterical laughs.You know when you've been wotking so hard for months preparing for that one big test? When you've been barely gatting three hours of sleep per day because you're too busy studying all the time? When it depresses you, and you start the test feeling extremely unhinged? When you start the test, then leave the exam hall laughing - not because it went well, but because it was so hard, you barely understood a word. How does that make sense? You know it's break you down - it's done that before. You know you shouldn't be laughing, but you are. Did you know that forcing yourself to smile can make you feel better? Do you realize hysteria might be the body's defence mechanism against depression? Do you realize it actually helps decrease stress? And BAM hysteria is not looking too bad after all.
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