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So yesterday during lunch; My best guy friend was telling me about how his grades just kept going down. So I owned up to him about not eating for the past 4 days. He looked at me in the eyes & said 'if you eat this chesse burger I will bring up my grades as much as I can.' At first I was in denial about eating the chesse burger. But I ate it anyway. Today during 9th period we have english together. He pulled out his algebra test from yesterday. He got a 100%. I'm so proud of him<3 I love you so much Robert ^.^




First, I'm going to call your father. *everyone laughs* You know Stan, I feel sorry for you. (you don't know me) Oh, but I do. All too well. You're the man, captain of the basketball team,  dates the pretty girls, high school is your kingdom. But people, Stan  is a bully. Why? It'd be way to easy to say Stan prey's on the weak simply because he's a d i c k. No, no Stan here, is more complex then that, see, according to leading Psychiartists, Stan's a bully for one of three reasons. One, underneath, all of that male bravado, there's an insecure little girl just baging on the closer door trying to get out. Two, like a caveman, Stan's brain is .. underdeveloped. Therefore; Stan is not able to use self-contril and so he acts out aggressively. And the third reason, Stan has a small wiener.

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My grandfather was not feeling well, so he decided to call out of work. He worked in the south tower. If he wasn't feeling sick that day, he probably would have died. I think this is fate. I had a day of fasting and (almost) complete silence for the hole day(I had school so I had to talk at some points) in respect to the one's who did die. R.i.P.  Never Forget. 9/11/01 ♥

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Tomorrow is Suicide Awareness Day

so remember, wear yellow, and if you're feeling suicidal go to this link and talk ! 


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