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hey im taylor(: thanks for coming to my profile, it means the world
to me when people like my quotes! i work so hard to make them
perfect (well to me). im 15 and love quotes and music<3 im pretty
dang tall..actually im only 5'10''(; bleh i dont know what else to
say except live life the way u want to and to the fullest! dont worry 
bout anyone else thinks(:<33 loveya<33

Quotes by taytay1028

you're nice,
you're sweet,
here's to hoping we'll soon meet(;


it doesn't take strength to hold a grudge..,
it takes strength to let one go

-uncle jesse
[full house]

love   is  colorblind
what you DO is so loud.. i can't hear what you're saying

when they're not with you...
they're talking about you


well she looks extra

i couldn't have been more loved..
but i could have loved more...



taking the long way,
just to pass his house..

my dream?

to be like Dori from Nemo  ;

always positive,

and never dwel l ing about the past