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Quotes by ThatMomentWhen*


Wanna turn a nice smile to a scary creeper?
***Follow these steps ***

1.get a mirror normally really big flare your nostrils
5.make your eyes are wide as you can

Don't ask me how I found this out...I get bored alot



H i t  hi kbutton i f. . .

tickling is a turn on


I'm not using a fancy format, cuz i'll be honest, im really depressed....
 the doctor diagnosed my grandmother with cancer a very aggressive one that spreads very quickly and he is giving her one year to live, one year, so please pray for my grandmother i love her so much,
and if she dies, my heart dies.

Mom: Do your chores!

Me:Cracks up laughing

Mom: -.-

Me: That's funny mom, you should be a comedian




Please pray for my grandmother
My grandmother has cancer,she's 76 and she's too old and weak to go under surgery so she's going to live with it for the rest of her life

Please pray for her
God Bless


Ask me anything I'm bored


I hate how...

...weekend days are so short and school days take forever



 Live your life

while you have

it.Life is a special

gift...there is

nothing dull 

about it


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