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Sooo, I"m katie; hello. I created this second acount for my story, the lightning,  but it was kind of a fail.  So now i'm writing a new story.  Hopefully better.  I'm probably going to write a couple more stories, so whatever there names are, you're reading them, hope you like it.
Soooooo! BOOM, there we go,.  Uhh check out my quote name: katiejoo13; not very witty famous i must say, but what are you gonna do? I'm more into stories than quotes, so here.  I hope you like it :)


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I need suggestions for my new story
please comment for what you would like. i pinky promise i will finish this one no matter how much i don't want to at any point in my life

I'm not going to finish Circles :( 

This story sucks to me, and I am quite frankly uninspired by my love life to continue to write this story.  plus i have other shtuff i needs to do.
However, if you would like closure to this story I will be glad to do so, so read the following:
Braden & katie don't end up together. at all. she misses her opportunity, and he gets bored with her because she's shy.  In the last scene that "game" they were playing doesn't end with a kiss, but a stare. wee. exciting. right? Braden ends up with a more suited girl, one who is more popular and liked than katie, so uh yeah. Again i'm very sorry, this apology is long over due but I was thinking about it today, and thought I should at least do something rather than fall off the face of the planet.
Hopefully, I will find a differnet source of inspiration and write something.   It will not be fandom, or a typical love story, because quite frankly I think those are very typical.  This is going to be a well thought out story, as long as I figure out exactly what it's going to be about. I hope all my lovely followers will care to read it.  It will most likely have to do with love, so please don't unfollow me.. thanks :)

Hey guys,
I just wanted to say thank you all so much for actually reading/liking my story.  I love all of you! lmao
I just wanted to like say thanks and if you have any suggestions or comments or something please feel free to comment! on my page or my chapters.  if you think something should happen in the story, please tell me. not guarrenteeing it'll happen, but im always open to hear other peoples opinions :) thanks again!

Chapter 10

Braden told me it was fine and that I should go over his house.  I was so excited and nervous.  He made me feel that way all the time.  My dad drove Kylie and Erin home to Erin's house.  Then he drove me to Braden's.  I got at his house at 5:32.  As soon as we pulled up you could tell he had money.  His house was two floors and he had a huge basement. His backyard was beautiful too.  He had a porch in the front and in the back there was a cobblestone patio.  He had an iron rectangular gazebo, with those white christmas lights looped around it.  In the center was a fire pit with a circle of 6 chairs around it.
I got out of my car and started to walk up to his house.  As I was walking up he opened the door.  I walked up the steps and followed him inside. 
"Hey," he smiled. "Let's quickly go down into the basement I just need to take care of something."
I followed him into his basement.  As we walked down the stairs I started to hear people talking.  But no one was over.  I understood afterward that he was playing Xbox.  Since I could hear whoever was on live, I knew he had Kinect.
"Braden! Braaaaaaaaadeeeeeeen!" one voice called.
"Hey sorry I'm back" he said.
"Where did you go?" This time it was a different person.  It sounded like Trevor but I couldn't be sure.
"Yo, is someone with you? Is it Katie?" the first voice asked.
"Ugh Katie.." It was deffinetly Trevor.
"Hey guys" I let my voice trail off.  I wanted Trevor to be embarressed.  He was.  He barely spoke.
"Hi Katie!" the first voice said.
I laughed. "Who is this?"
"Oh it's Kyle and Trevor" Braden answered.  Lawls I know.
"We have to go," Branden continued.
"Bye" Trevor said quickly.  I silently laughed.
"Braden! Text me later, tell me-" Braden cut off Kyle.
"Alright, gottit bye!"
Braden was sitting down on his couch.  I was still standing.  He grabbed my waist to pull me down.  I squealed and laughed.  It turned into a game pretty quickly.

Chapter 8

When I went back to the lunch table I told everyone what happened.  They were really excited for me, and we talked about the subject of guys for the remainder of lunch.  Afterwards I had studyhall.  Braden walked in with a pass, looked at me.  Smiled.  Took the pass, and left. Kylie begged to hang out with us later, but I strictly told her no.  The last time I did that it turned out just how I knew it would.  The guy ended up liking her more than he liked me.  Not that he even liked me.  He told her he regreted that he stopped talking to me, because she was such a good friend.  Meaning because he and I were no longer friends, he wasn't friends with her, and he wanted to be friends with her.  I was just a bridge.
After school I waited the table in the hallway, near Erins locker.  Erin wasn't far away from me, so I was okay.  Kylie was there too.  I was sitting on the table.  Kylie sat on the floor against the opposite wall.  Erin was at her locker, near Kylie.  Braden walked over and did a jump-sit motion onto the table I was sitting.  He sat next to me.  He had his phone in his hand.  He looked down at it.  Then up at me after he handed it to me.  He had an iPhone.  I typed my number in and he set my name as 'Katie <3'.  I smiled.  He did too.  He slipped his phone back into his pocket.
"So what's up?" he asked.  That question meant he was going to stay with us for a while.  There were still a few people around.  It was barely after school.
"Nothing really, waiting to get picked up" Kylie answered for us. 
"How late do you guys usually stay 'til?"
"Like 3:20" I answered this time.
"What about you? Don't you usually walk home with Kyle?" Erin asked him
"Yeah, but he's talking to people, so I thought I'd come hang with you guys" He nudged me. 
"Oh okay"
"So how do you like it here?" Kylie said sarcastically.  The three of us hated our school.  The teachers sucked, the kids were mean, and the guys were ugly.  And then Braden came.  But that was beside the point.  Our school was awful, and that was it.
"I like it, it's better than my old school."
The three of us exchanged a glance at eachother, and a slight laugh. "Yeah, well..." I started.
"Hey man," Kyle walked over and greeted Braden with a highfive hand shake thing that guys did.  "You ready or....." He raised his eyebrows, indicating something.
"No, yeah lets go." Braden stood up.  I adjusted myself to my seat, now that I had it to myself.  Braden picked up his backpack and looked at me.  Blue eyes, blue eyes, blue, blue, blue.  He smiled which made his eyes sparkle.  "I'll text you later so we can chill" he said. I responded with an 'okay'.  I smiled and giggle like an idiot I was sure.
Kylie yelled out for him "Bye, Braden!"
And Erin yelled after just a simple "Bye!"
When he was out of hearing range she said in a low tone, "love you, miss you" mocking me.  I laughed.
"Shut up, I barely know him." I protested
"Well I'm sure you will get to know him plenty well tonight" Kylie responded.  I can only hope.

Chapter 7

The next couple days went by quickly.  Nothing changed much. Braden and I stared talking more.  It made me really happy.  Finally, it was Friday.  I went to English expecting him to be there.  He wasn't.  The bell rang and he still wasn't there.  I felt discouraged.  Expecially because I looked really good.  I wore my skinniest skinny jeans, high pumps, and a tight sweater that my boobs looked great in, and showed just enough skin around my hips.  I sulked quietly in my seat.
At lunch I went on line with both Erin and Kylie so they could get food.  We stood there talking.  they stood in front of me.  I felt someone come up behind me and grab my waisted.  It scared me.  I jumped a bit and let out a small yelp.  Then they stepped in front of me, like they were cutting in line.  It was Braden.  I immediatley smiled.  I was shocked, but happy.  I thought he was absent.  He looked over his shoulder smiling.  Whenever I saw him he had a smile on his face.
I laughed.  "Hey" I managed to say, rolling my eyes.
"Hey Katie" he kept his grin.  He walked back around me, going next to me.  I walked up a little ahead of him.  Erin and Kylie turned their backs to us, they kept eye contact with eachother smiling.  Not saying a word.  He stood a little behind me, but still to my side.
"Where were you in english today?" I said poutfully.
"Doctors appointment, why did you miss me?" he joked.  Yeah, actually....  I just giggled.  He laughed a little too.  Kylie and Erin looked back a little.
"So what are you getting?" He pointed at the line.
"Oh nothing, I'm just getting stuff with Kylie and Erin"
They turned around.  Kylie smiled politely, Erin raised her hand and held it there as she smiled with her mouth closed.  He waved quickly and said 'hey'. They turned back around.  While we were talking the line kept moving.  Pretty soon we were up at the front.  Somehow we kept the converstation going.  He began buying his lunch while I was walking out.
"Okay well see you next period,"
He frowned.  "I have to makeup a test from ths morning, so I can't see you."
Erin and Kylie turned and started walking back.
"Oh well, I'll see you monday! See ya" I said disappointed.
I felt his hand wrap around my arm. "Wait." My face got hot.  I felt my heart rate increase.  I tried to calm myself down.  He was still smiling.  His eyes looked soft.
"What are you doing tonight?"
I smiled "Oh, I'm not sure, I think I'm free,"  I looked to see where Kylie and Erin were.  They were getting too far away.  "I need to go, but meet me at my locker after school.  I'll give you my number so you can text me"  I smiled wider. He did too.  He agreed and I walked to catch up with my friends.

Chapter 4

"I'm Kylie!" she chimmed in.  I turned and looked at her.  She was smiling.  She took a quick glance at me which only made her smile wider.  Looking at me, she raised her eyebrows.  I blocked the view of Braden, so he didn't see that.
"Nice to meet you guys" he said with a smile.  Then he turned back around.  I did too.  Kylie and I gave eachother an understanding look that that part of the conversation was over.  We smiled at eachother.  I looked down and continued drawing...

After school, I would visit my old history teacher.  Mr. Ian.  Kylie, Erin and I would go.  He had faculty meetings on Mondays, so we wouldn't visit him.  We sat in the stairwell.
"So he's in our studyhall" Kylie smiled at me.
"Ohhh Katiiiiieeeeeeeeee" Erin sang.
I blushed. "Shut up, nothings gonna happen."  Stuff usually didn't happen to me.  I was completely irrelevant to everything. I knew that.  Everyone did.  I wanted something to happen.  He was gorgeous. His voice was low.  How could I not? But I knew my place, even though it would hurt later.  I had to understand that when he would have a thing with another girl I had no right to be upset.  After a while I had to go.  I went home.  Did my homework.  Took a shower.  Went on Tumblr.  & went to bed.  All the while disappointed in myself, and just all around sad.

Sorry short chapter