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Quotes by themottoisYOLO

In school on your period:
looking at your seat right after you get up to make sure you didn't leak.

Only me?
Suicide Awareness Day
September 10th
Wear something yellow to show your support for anyone who has had thought of, attempted or succeeded in taking their own life.


plot twist: waking up and liking how my hair looks.

You know you're best friends
when you hate the same person. 


Format by Sandrasaurus

Please tell me I'm not the only one that wants to get good grades, but doesn't want to study. 


 Here's to the kids that start coughing when someone's phone starts ringing/vibrating so the teacher doesn't hear it. 


whats the most popular word

that starts with a "F" and ends in a "K"

highlight for the answer


Bet you were thinking about the second most popular word. ;)

Missing him during the summer! L

prank calling my crush w/

my bff = best and

funniest thing ever!!

"Dude you're 17, she's 13"
"Age is just a number"
"Yeah and jail is just a room"