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hi i'm lauren

lemon*'s Favorite Quotes

Teacher: Where's your homework?
Me: Where's Leonardo dicaprio's oscar?

There’s a difference between
goodbye and letting go

Goodbye is
‘I’ll see you again when I’m ready to hold your hand
and when you’re ready to hold mine.’

Letting go is
‘I’ll miss your hand. I realized it’s not mine to hold,
and I will never hold it again.’


hey yo.
be nice to people.

because most people are
already sad so like

why be mean


f o r m a t  j i m m y 3 6 5

I hate myself. I hate who I am. I hate what I see in the mirror. I hate my past. I hate my present. I hate everything I am. I go to bed every night wishing I would wake up with some disease and only have a few months to live. Or that I would die on the way to school in a car wreck or have a massive heart attack. Would anyone even care if I were gone? I walk around feeling empty inside and nobody notices. Why can't anyone see how sad I am? Can't anyone see how much pain I'm in? Can't anyone see my struggling to stay alive? I hate myself even more for having these thoughts. How weak is that? Why can't I get over it? I ask myself if this one cruel joke God is playing on me. Is this payback for all the bad that I've done in my life? I feel like the biggest piece of trash this world has to offer. I've been told that my whole life, so what does it matter if I live or die? I feel like I'm a burden to my family. I just want to be free from all this. I wish I wasn't like this. I wish I didn't look in the mirror and feel ashamed of who I am and what I've done. I hate my appearance. The way people look at me and judge me based on what I look like. I hate the feeling that people never notice I'm bleeding inside. I smile even though I want to scream and break down. What's hardest is transformation. Changing. I've tried loving myself, and even changing myself, but neither has worked more than temporarily. I still end up hating myself. I'm worthless. If there is nothing left to stay for, why hang around and suffer?


tumblr is down,
where is everyone going to
steal their quote ideas from?


You're weird.



~~in the future~~

steve's wife: i think we should have kids
steve: no
steve's wife: why-
steve: what if its a girl
              then it would grow into a teenage girl
steve's wife: i really dont see the problem with--
steve: have you seen the quotes on my website?!
the quotes made by TEENAGE GIRLS

it's nearly 12:45AM here and I'm playing MarioKart, I really need to get a life...
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