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Quotes by thewittyteenscammiestyle

me- My right hand.. fits in my left hand
me- like it's made just for me
me- i'm so alone

When are you considered witty popular or famous?
Oh Hey, There ...
I couldn't figure out my password for this account, but I found it, so I'm back :)
Why didn't Timmy Turner just wish for a new babysitter? 
I just found out Victorious is ending this fall in their final third season.

Adding a wink face makes everything sound innapropriate

We need more milk...

We need more milk ;)

Dear McDonalds cashier,

Don't give m e that look. There's no age limit on a happy meal.

Sincerely, Don't forget the toy c:



School is starting soon. 

So everyone on Witty..
You be careful out there in the real world, all right? Everyone is not as nice as us...  xD



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Popsicle Joke !

What kinda shirts do golfers wear? (Hilight for answer) xD

Tee-Shirts :D

When everyone wore Sillybandz...