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Hello; my name is Lyra Asher.
I am a trans-girl. 

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This website is so dead!

"Gentlemen ve are Nazis."
"Si hial! Si hial!"
"And ve vwill have war."
"Si hial! Si hial!"
"And ve, and ve, Achooo!!!" 
"Guzetine! Guzentine!"

I AM THE HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes the long rode is the hard road, but even after all that hard work it isnt always worth it. That is until you sit down and look back and realized how you have survived so much. The world will change and so will people, along with morales. The goal in life is to stay true to you no matter ewhat others say. Even if it goes against what they think you should do or believe life isnt about pleasing others. Its about making the most out of situations that come through are lives, because in the end all choices we make define who we are as a person and if it was worth every second and if even just one good moment can make you smile thagn maybe it just worth it all.

When your story has almost a 1000 reads on wattpad and almost a hundred voted :)

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Someone want to kik me? Chaotic_darkness
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