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you don't realize how much your words can hurt. how would you like to wake up tomorrow morning and find out you're the reason someone commited suicide? all because of those words you said? tonight, because of the things you said, someone could be about ready to lose it, finally have enough and take their own lifes, BECAUSE OF YOU. watch what you say, people have feelings. yeah they're not 'perfect' but obviously you're not either. grow up, think before you speak.
how can you sit there and act like nothings happened? like you didn't break my heart? like you didn't ruin my life? like you didn't cause these scars?
you can't pretend i don't exist, you can't pretend i'm the bad guy. no, you can't.
you're a douche and i hate you. ok? ok.

Holding on 
Chapter twenty

"I thought I was so mature, mature enough to handle everything. I went to soccer every weekend with Alissa, her brother played and so did his friend Jimmy. Every weekend Jimmy would come over after soccer with Alissa, we flirted and flirted and everyone knew we liked eachother, well atleast that was how it seemed. Being only thirteen and him being sixteen, everyone thought it was strange, I didn't care though, you know? I loved him and I wasn't about to let everyone elses opinions take our love down. He didn't care either, after a few weeks of the contant flirting he asked me out and I like died" I laughed slightly, remembering me telling him on the phone that i'd be right back, then i ran around dancing.
"We were perfect. We were together for so long, Jimmy didn't believe in anniversarys or anything so we didn't do any of that, I don't even know how long we were together. But it seemed so long.. After the first few months I got jealous over him talking to other girls, older girls. Since I was thirteen and they were all sixteen like Jimmy, I thought I needed to put out for him to stay with me.
So I did, I had dirty conversations with him whenever I talked to him, telling him he could do this and that to me. I thought that it would make him stay with me, but when it came to it we wouldn't do anything, just kiss, cuddle. He loved me and I thought I had to say all those things to get him to love me, even when he already did. Things went fine for a while, it had been like a year of perfection. Until New Years in 2009.. I was fourteen at that time, it was only a few weeks after my birthday. Jimmy and I had been texting and stuff, I told him I was home alone for New Years and it was rather depressing. He said he was coming over" I took a deep breath and looked up at Peter, he was staring right at me, interest in his eyes.
"Can I have a drink?" I asked Peter, he handed me his bottle of water. His eyes not moving from me.
I took a sip and wiped my mouth, swallowing the water.
"You don't have to go on if you don't want to"
"I want to, Peter"

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Holding on 
Chapter eighteen

The tension between us was unbearable.
He had seen all the texts, every one of them.
I know Peter, he would've looked at them.
"Who is he?" He demanded, looking up at the sky.
"He's no one" I whispered, looking at the ground.
I kicked a rock slightly, I wish I could be a rock right now.
Peter pushed me softly back up against the wall, one hand on my shoulder.
"Don't tell me he's no one Ashlee" He shook his head, looking at the ground once again.
"I know what he's done" He choked, looking back up at me.
I looked away, the pain in his eyes was unbearable to look at. I could almost see tears.
My heart burned, beating faster and faster.
"Look at me Ashlee, who is he?" He whispered, using his free hand to tuck my hair behind my ear.
I looked at him, tears filling my eyes.
I burst into tears and practically threw myself onto him, I cluched onto his hoodie and cried into it.
He hugged me, resting his head on top of mine. "It's okay Ashlee" He breathed, kissing my forehead.
The hug seemed to go for days, but somehow when I let go, it felt like only a few seconds.
"Want to talk about it?" Peter asked, looking me right in the eyes, taking my hand.
I nodded willingly. I don't know if I was able to handle talking about it, April was the only person I had really told..

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