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Hello, I'm Sara.

I'm super into One Direction, Criminal Minds, and Harry Potter. 

Yeah. Don't be afraid to be my friend ;)

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you're braver than you believe
stronger than you seem 
smarter than you
** * * * * * ** **nmf

I kick down the walls around me  

 they don't know how strong i am

I'm not defined by boundaries...

they could never understand. 

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It's not that you're not beautiful,

You're just not beautiful to me.

She said,

How beautiful do I have to be?

When I look in the mirror, you're the only thing I see

And I have loved you

- Ray Brannan


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I just realized it's April Fool's. 
And that I haven't pulled any pranks at all.

Remember you're loved.
Remember you're beautiful.

Remember you're not alone.
Remember someday you everything that happened will only be a memory.
Remember that everything gets better.
Remember that you'll be okay.

Total happy day.

-Me and Mike are in a group together with a couple of other people.-
-We were discussing the differences between girl fights and guy fights.-

Mike: Girls are such drama queens. They're always overreacting.

Me: Oh, gee, thanks. Appreciated.

Mike: You're different.

And better yet? I think he just might have been complaining about his girlfriend

my friend is cracking up about gale's face
when katniss and peeta start snogging.
hunger games ftw.

I love you, Mike.

When my friends asked me years ago who I liked, I said you because you were the first person who popped into my head. I thought I had lied. But afterwards, I saw you differently. How your hair falls into your eyes, how great you sound, your easygoing attitude towards everything, and the way just looking at you could make me smile. I guess that fate is just cruel because I'm not the kind of person you'd go for. And if my friends ever found out... Well, they hadn't exactly been supportive in grade six and I don't see why they would be now. And I guess that I'm cruel for pouring all of this onto you Wittians but this is really the only place I can be sure my friends won't see this and I needed to let it out seeing as it's three in the morning and I'm still thinking of him.

So there's this guy.
His locker is two away from mine.
He's kinda
My mom just told me that his mom led a play group.

Mine had too.
And sometimes they'd
get together at his house
to talk about it and we used to

I hadn't remembered, so he probably doesn't either.
FML moment.