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Hi everybody ♥ welcome to my profile!

about me: 14 year old girl from mexico, my name is daniela :)
A proud Directioner, Belieber, Little Monster ♥

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can you believe that

this was the first time EVER i

saw The Notebook ?

call me a loser.



so, one direction is Zayn Harry Louis Niall and Liam right?
Yes, I'm so proud, you're learning:')

Here's my theory about them in 5-10 years; Louis is gay, Liam is a normal married man with a family, Harry is a celebritie actor/solo artist, Niall opens a succesful restaurant, and Zayn has a rap album called 'inzayn'
Omg dad what?


A talk with dad

I need your help Witty Sisters!
    So,a cousin and I want to go to the One Direction concert in Los Angeles the next year, and we wanna save some money for the tickets.
So I would like you to help me with some ideas about what I can do to earn money, I 'm 14 and I want your help, I mean, we can't do something huge, but I really need some ideas, because SERIOUSLY I wanna go to that concert but my parents say it's too expensive, so I wanna have some money.

I would really really REALLY appreciate your help ♥


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"There was a time when Niall was
eating something,
Harry tried to get
it but 
Niall bit Harry, then Harry
screamed & gave it back"
Liam P. ♥


Liam: Oh...It's so hot in here
Zayn: Sorry...I'm leaving!


Jenna Marbles.


listening to

one  direction

and  figuring  out

you  will  never
get  the  chance

to  know them's sad


now that you can't have me
                            you suddenly want me.

taken-1D ♥

who else has become

directioner this