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hello there my lovlies. :)
my name is tori.
i'm fourteen years old.
and always living life to the fullest.<3
you could say i "like" a few things :) ;
- dance.<3
- singing.
- writing.
- youtube.
- tumblr.
- twitter.
- instagram.<3

music ;

conor maynard. that's it. <3
dream vacation ; london <3
take me there!!


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i need to get this off of my chest.
last night i had a dream, and in my dream
there was this kid from my gym class.
i don't really know who he is, what grade he's in,
or his name. but i think he's really cute.

in my dream i was standing a distance from him
and without thinking i blurted out that i thought he was cute.
some girls that knew him started giggling and went up to him,
and told him what i thought. he motioned his hand
and told me to come to him.
i walked over to him, and he said, "don't you know?"
and i said, "know what?"
in response he lifted his shirt to reveal an ace bandage
wrapped around his chest.
"you're a transgender?" i asked him.
"i am" he sighed.
i nodded and walked out.
he followed me out of wherever we were, and grabbed
my shoulders and turned me around to face him.
"i wasn't finished talking to you." he said, "i just didn't want you to
think of me that way, and not know the truth."
i didn't care, about that, i still thought the same about him, and more.
"can i have a hug?" i asked him.
without hesitating he wrapped his arms around me, and everything
felt right. we just layed there forever it seemed like, until i woke up.

now, i know he's isn't in real life but i just wonder why he was in my dream.
but, i just accepted it in my dream, and it was probably one of the best dreams
i've ever had.
i hate the word 


don't you?

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my life.
Me: oh, you're actually cute, in my league and funny, i like you.
*poof* ; next day
Him: i got a girlfriend.

me: try to make eye contact. *creepily stares at him*

him: *makes eye contacts for less than half of a second*

me: today will be remembered as the best day of my life.

i don't think anyone realizes what it's like to have a bestfriend that cuts. it's like a "you had to be there" moment." if you don't cut yourself then you don't understand why they do it. it hurts knowing that she does it. i just want to cry knowing that such a gorgeous girl like her feels the need to hurt her self. i'm sorry mina, i don't think i will ever be able to understand. but if you need me ever, text me, call me whatever. i don't want this ruining our friendship, you're my twin forever and i love you.

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all i have to say is
whoever started curly haired problems
is a freaking genius.

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I just want to find the courage to say something to him.

just some advice
that i got for my freshman year
of highschool...
don't get caught being a freshman.
and they're not joking)

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so i'm starting to see all of the hate and bullying that's here on witty, and it's making me sick. it's getting to a point where one thing leads to another and soon someone is diagnosed with depression because the things people are saying are making that person feel that way. it's getting to the point where one of the strongest people i know is losing all of their confidence because of some of the crap people are saying. grow up, because you're not going to become successful from putting people down.

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seniors > juniors > sophomores >

administration > staff > janitors >

animals > trees > dirt > freshman