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Quotes by Trishaaa

      the world is an oyster,
      you are the pearl.


LiFe   wiLL        Pass    me   BY    iF   I    Don'T
open up my eyes
Dear Diary, Today was a long day in school and I haven't really eaten anything yet today. But I guess that's good. I just wanted to write something real quick before I go off to bed So here it goes.

Dear diary I'm fourteen and I always feel so nervous. Tell me why is it that everyone is so perfect. While I feel so worthless, and they look so happy. While lately for me, my mood has been crappy. And I have come to believe all the things that I'm seeing. On magazines and TV, of every single perfect being. All the girls with perfect bodies, and such amazing skin. Oh how I would kill to live the life that they are in I've been trying to lose weight over that past couple of weeks Throwing up after meals, on the rare times that I eat. But that isn't enough, I still need to do much more. To get this guy to notice me, people wonder what for. There's so much room in my tummy that it isn't funny I don't wanna be people's dummy, but either way I feel dumpy. Most of the time I am left here, thinking to myself," Oh god is this worth it, or do I need some help." I've been used by guys, I've been hurt by girls I've been hit by my mom, and cursed by the world So I keep losing weight, just trying to be perfect. I'm waiting for somebody to tell me that I'm worth it.

You're not alone.



i may not know exactly
what you're going through,
but i've made it through it,
and i know you can too.


who's gonna let me?
                          stop me
you're like my heart;
i can't live without you.

What color is his hair?:  blonde.. dirty-blondish
Cute smile: yea but i don't see it much anymore
Braces: yess
Glasses: contacts, now.
Abs: yes lol
Height: 5'5 or 5'6 
How did you meet him: school c:
How long have you known him: 7 or 8 years

Does he play any sports: wrestling, and he used to play baseball
Can he play the guitar: i don't think so
What about any other music instrument: he sings a guess 
Do you guys ever text: he doesn't even have a phone lol
Describe something he would wear on a typical day: jeans&shirt w/ funny saying
What's your favorite thing you've seen him wear: everything
Least favorite thing: he basically ignores me now.
Do your friends know that you like him: well before like all but now only 4 
Do your parents know him?: not personally haha
Do you think they would like him if you were dating him?: yea 

Do you know him properly?: i USED to know him
Have you met his parents: i haven't reallyy.. no haha
What would you do if he saw your witty: ignore ignore ignore and i'd be embarrassed hahahaha


My biggest fear,
is eventually,
you will see me

 the way

She’s got broken things 
where her heart should be.

-mayday parade

i can't look at myself in the mirror without wishing i looked like

someone  else.